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a digital camera designed to take digital photographs and transmit them over the internet

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Figure 4 shows the evolution of visual fixation times for the first four phases, for which we have full data for all 12 infants in the visual-condition group (4 infants having displayed agitation during the extinction phase when the reinforcement disappeared) on the legs (either with the connected camera or not) and on the computer screen providing the visual reinforcement.
The collaboration between Mobile and Digital Imaging Business Units allowed Samsung to create the first Connected Camera, a product I am extremely proud of," remarked JK Shin, the president of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics.
And with a superb 21x optical zoom lens, it is about the best connected camera out there.
Connected Camera Begins with the Samsung GALAXY Camera A camera with the Android system included?
Growing up, you and I didn't have a wirelessly connected camera pointing at the couch.
The Wi-Fi connectivity enables photos to be shared and uploaded to social media sites on the move and is perfect as a connected camera for amateur photographers and creative individuals.
Kodak will also launch a tablet, a 4G handset and an internet connected camera later in 2015.
A 600-MHz ARM11 CPU provides the required performance for a full set of connected camera software applications, including smart phone tethering and streaming over WiFi networks.
The Qualcomm Snapdragon connected camera portfolio includes a comprehensive suite of camera platforms featuring enhanced hardware and software capabilities for on-camera deep learning and video analytics, 4K HEVC video encoding, support for the Linux operating system, broad connectivity options including 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and advanced features for robust hardware-based security
The SH100 is set to be Samsung's leading fully connected camera in 2011, building on the success of the company's wirelessly connected cameras to date and allowing Samsung to take a dominant position within this growing market.
Connected Camera - Using a high definition camera, demonstrators will take pictures in the booth and capture related speech for audio files attached to the image.
Kodak's cool WiFi camera With its connected camera and pocketable display
i-Catcher Sentry constantly compares images received from the connected camera, using advanced motion-detection techniques to sense activity.
The Qualcomm Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine SDK helps us bring deep learning to our connected camera and smart cloud network, and that helps us present a full, contextual picture of the driving environment to our commercial automotive fleet and auto insurance customers, said Frederick Soo, chief technology officer of NAUTO, the autonomous vehicle technology company.
CONFIGURATION - The NVR Media server can determine the capability of any connected camera and automatically assign appropriate default settings to the camera based on features such as resolution, telemetry, aspect ratio, lens configuration, alarms and audio.