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  • verb

Synonyms for connect

Synonyms for connect

to join one thing to another

to come or bring together in one's mind or imagination

to unite or be united in a relationship

to interact with another or others in a meaningful fashion

Synonyms for connect

be or become joined or united or linked

join by means of communication equipment

land on or hit solidly

join for the purpose of communication

be scheduled so as to provide continuing service, as in transportation

Related Words

establish a rapport or relationship

establish communication with someone

plug into an outlet

hit or play a ball successfully

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doubling the number of connectable product families, from 20 in 2014 to 40 by 2020;
Lot 2 Location, service and maintenance of two connectable monochrome reproduction systems B / W to equip a print shop (Site Beauvau), likely to about 4.
Penetration rate for connectable devices (% of households)
Lot No 2 leasing, maintenance and maintenance of two connectable systems monochrome reproduction N / B to equip a print shop (Site Beauvau), likely to about 4.
The maximum connectable units are 30 when you use the E3NW-ECT and NJ-series devices.
In order to understand the full market opportunity for connectable devices, it is necessary to understand how the different technologies present in the living room can fit together in a cohesive framework.
While connected flat panel TVs, set-top boxes and DVRs still represent a small portion of their respective product segments, sixty-eight percent of all CE devices sold this year will be connectable to the Internet.
Rental market and maintenance of a connectable digital copying for Primary Sickness Insurance Fund of the Lower Rhine.
Contract notice: Rental of digital copiers connectable black & white and color.
1 Sales of connectable devices expected to more than double between 2011 and 2015 .
Increased access to content with Internet connectable TVs;
She has combined experience and close personal relations in the areas of entertainment, media, intellectual property and corporate transactions, and with her connectable skills, knowledge and experience, Cassidy will provide the highest quality of service to Pop Starz Records.
The units are available to deliver from 22 - 101kW capacity to a building in both heat pump and heat recovery variants, with up to 50 indoor units connectable to the largest model, said the company.
Toobeez is the flagship product of Connectable Color Tubes, LLC (CCT), a privately held company based in Pennsylvania.