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a business that makes its facilities available to others for a fee

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Addressing this issue head-on, Dialog will launch connect time pricing in October 2001.
Users who want the file pay for the connect time necessary to download it, which depends on the speed of both the user's computer modem and the online service's data connection, as well as the size of the file.
To minimize connect time charges, it is important to organize a search before it is begun and too know the on-line service well in order to use it efficiently.
Dan Wagner, Chief Executive of The Dialog Corporation said: "We have eliminated connect time charges, viewing the policy as unsustainable in today's high-speed access environment.
Session management rules can be defined that permit an ISP to specify the maximum connect time or idle time for dial-up users.
This offering makes Visa the first financial services organization to offer money-management software on-line for no charge other than connect time.
The forum will be free of connect time charges to everyone during Labor Day Weekend.
2 technology for faster connect time, improved quality of sound, and AFH (Adaptive Frequency Hopping) for less interference from other 2.
In June, CyraCom launched a new voice-activated language selection service which its tests show cut the average connect time to an over-the-phone interpreter from 45 to 20 seconds.
Music Hall's Sounds Sensational" is part of basic services, so no connect time will be charged for participating.
Donnelley & Sons Company, CompuServe is offering members a limited-time opportunity to download Macintosh, Windows, or DOS versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader for no charge other than connect time.
net dial-up customers have unlimited connect time and receive 10MB of Web hosting space and five e-mail accounts (username@fastermac.
Prodigy said that, starting in July, it will begin charging for some connect time to newly designated "Plus" features -- most bulletin boards, airline schedules and certain financial information.
90 modems, including 50% faster connect time and reduced data upload times.
32bis, the MicroPorte 4232bis yields high-speed throughputs up to 38,400 bps on land-based lines reducing modem connect time, resulting in substantial line cost savings.