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  • verb

Synonyms for connect

Synonyms for connect

to join one thing to another

to come or bring together in one's mind or imagination

to unite or be united in a relationship

to interact with another or others in a meaningful fashion

Synonyms for connect

be or become joined or united or linked

join by means of communication equipment

land on or hit solidly

join for the purpose of communication

be scheduled so as to provide continuing service, as in transportation

Related Words

establish a rapport or relationship

establish communication with someone

plug into an outlet

hit or play a ball successfully

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Aspect HD, for high-end video professionals, includes all the technology in Connect HD, and adds CineForm's real-time video pipeline which provides dozens of real-time transitions, color effects, graphic overlays, motion, and more, all within Adobe Premiere.
Unlike other web conferencing solutions, Acrobat Connect enables users to choose an easy-to-remember web address for their online personal meeting room that is unique to them, much like a phone number or e-mail address.
The Sansa Connect is a new music experience focused on convenience, instant gratification and social connections," said Eric Bone, product marketing director for SanDisk's audio and video line.
Connect One has established itself as a major player in the M2M industry by being the leading supplier of Internet Protocol (IP) controller[TM] chips for the point-of-sale (POS) terminal market.
Unlike traditional web conferencing solutions, the Acrobat Connect products enable users to choose a simple and easy-to-remember web address for their online personal meeting room that is unique to them, much like a phone number or e-mail address.
New firmware can be loaded into iChipSec's memory in order to activate the soft modem if the terminal cannot connect to the LAN.
Since nearly everyone already has the Flash Player installed, Acrobat Connect makes it extremely easy to go from looking at your computer screen to sharing it with others, regardless of their platform or version of software.
The inaugural presentation of Excellence Awards recognized EMT Connect users that have demonstrated extraordinary skill and creativity with this multifaceted enrollment management software.
We are proud of the quality of the investors that have joined us in this round and their vote of confidence in the company," said Amir Friedman, founder and CEO, Connect One.
Four VeriFone CONNECT Hospitality packages provide acquirers and Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) with the ability to resell all-in-one wireless and broadband payment bundles including set-up, activation, monthly data service, device deployment and management, help desk, billing and advanced merchant-level web-based reporting and management tools.
The physicians and other staff already benefit from using the individual Misys clinical information systems, and Misys Connect will provide the connectivity between the systems that allows us to realize our vision of a tighter coalition between our hospital and the surrounding community of healthcare providers.
Native support for Windows Media Connect allows Digitrex TVs to retrieve content stored on a Windows XP-based PC, including subscription and download content available from PlaysForSure-verified music and video services.
Virtual Connect facilitates an emulation environment wherein the driver code and application programs directly interact with the RTL design running inside Hammer.
Our local health care information-sharing network can connect public health institutions, private practices, community clinics, and small rural hospitals.