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Connatural management jako novy pristup v posilovani konkurenceschopnosti lidi na trhu prace, Scientia et Societas 1: 144-152.
No obstante, el mero hecho de que la practica lirica que se pensaba connatural al acontecimiento poetico desde el siglo xix sea atenuada, es indicativo ya de la perdida de fe en la sacralidad de la plenitud poetica.
A natural resulting is wholly intrinsic and in a certain sense has to do with the completed production of a thing, since it tends solely toward constituting the thing in the connatural state which is per se owed to it by dint of its generation.
First, Maritain suggested that the virtue of making art entailed a kind of concrete or sensuous intellection: art was entirely intellectual, but it proceeded by means of connatural or intuitive processes at the level of the concrete thing, rather than by the discursive means of the reason (ratio).
This phenomenon extended throughout the Euro-American world, and so the great French neo-Thomist Jacques Maritain at once defended the modesty and integrity of art as craft, but, following Aquinas, insisted that the virtue of art, for the true artist, was connatural, a habitus; therefore, the less-than-apparent craft and technique in modern art was to be excused by our appreciating that the artist was not indulging idiosyncratic means of self-expression, but rather was subordinating himself to the higher laws of his art.
But in so doing we distance ourselves from it; the myth is no longer connatural to us, transparent.
Native transmotion was connatural with the environment" (Fugitive Poses 183-84).
And needless to say, it is purposeful: his intention is that what he calls "massimalismo" be connatural to paraliterature (Alphaville 135).
Of course, exchange rates had fluctuated widely in previous centuries, but it has been only since the 1970s that such fluctuations have been taken as connatural with the international monetary regime.
English law is] so framed and fitted to the nature and disposition of this people, as we may properly say it is connatural to the Nation, so as it cannot possibly be ruled by any other Law.
Views as to that fighting issue and as to the ontological status of omissions may be connatural insofar as our sense of place in the world informs our sense of involvement with others.
Hence a man cannot merit eternal life without grace, although he can perform works which lead to such good as is connatural to him.
Touching the first of these; The Notion of Existence of (f) God or Supream Governor of the World, is not only evident by undeniable reason and natural Evidence, but (g) seems to be ingraven in the very Crasis (8) of (h) human Nature, and congenite with it and connatural to it; And (i) not only /fol.
Thomas Aquinas, on the other hand, wrote a most detailed, profound, and impressive commentary, belying the words of Etienne Gilson and Joseph Pieper that he would not have had a connatural sympathy for this subject matter.
este sufrimiento connatural al amor verdadero, como veiamos antes, es