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Synonyms for connate

connected by or as if by kinship or common origin

Synonyms for connate

of similar parts or organs


related in nature


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5 mm long, longest in front of flower and shortest in rear, connate for about 1/4-1/3 of their length; anthers 0.
With Connate we saw a huge opportunity to tap into the publisher side native ad market.
The gynoecium consists of three connate carpels forming a single pistil differentiated into a 3-lobed, white ovary, a single upwardly curved, blue style, and a single capitate, papillose, pale-yellow stigma (Figs.
Only one of our specimens had connate teeth; Hall does not mention it in Scapanus latimanus or the few specimens of other species of moles he examined.
The greater part of the sediment is therefore flushed and groundwater is rarely stagnant except in those places where saline, presumably connate water entrapped in aquicludes, persist in depth.
Flowers 85-110 mm long, fragrance not detected, pedicels 23-35 x 4-10 mm, greenish toward the apex, sparsely to subdensely and coarsely white-lepidote, strongly complanate mainly the outer ones and dilated toward the base; sepals asymmetric, narrowly subelliptic-lanceolate, 38-44 x 13-15 mm, erect and imbricate to each other at anthesis, apex acuminate, connate at the base for 3-4 mm, ecarinate, green, glabrous, thin in texture except for the membranous margins; petals sublinear-lanceolate, acuminate, 56-62 x 5-6.
wc]) is the relative permeability to oil at the connate water saturation, fraction; [[mu].
After characterizing the model, the oil flooding is done using a very precise syringe pump and the connate water is measured (Figure 1).
For the SATRC, emphasis on forgiveness, amnesty and the exclusion of retributive or prosecutorial truths, meant forgetting became connate to forgiveness; elements within the SATRC theme of reconciliation.
Across the Murray Darling Basin salt has accumulated naturally (primary salinity) in the regolith via cyclical deposits, aeolian processes, and connate stores.
The injected steam flows convectively to the outer edges of the chamber and releases its latent heat to the cool oil sand at the edges warming the oil, rock, and connate water.
They also feature six staminodes without anthers, which are connate to the base of the petals.
Connate and conning, doomed / to decumbence, or are we swinging free?
If the matrix materials have never had their connate waters removed by desiccation and/or the historical lowering of water tables in the region, does this mean that all regional dewatering has been along fractures and matrix borders only?
Tubercles of lateral eyes connate, lateral eyes much larger than median eyes.