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Synonyms for connate

connected by or as if by kinship or common origin

Synonyms for connate

of similar parts or organs


related in nature


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With Connate we saw a huge opportunity to tap into the publisher side native ad market.
M (1992) Oilfield brines of meteoric and connate origin in the Eastern Niger Delta, Journal of Petroleum Geology, 15(4):481-488.
This suggests the presence of water tables, a clay layer, stored connate salts, or a combination of all three.
6cm, entire, acute, reflexed at margins, each pair connate at base and forming a 0.
237) Gas may also be in solution with connate water.
Higher concentrations of chloride are attributed to zones of fault-related discharge, and typically increase basinward where marine sediments with saline connate water are dominant.
The leaves alternate and are elliptic rounded at apex and connate at the base.
That soul should be associated with a vital principle would not have proved surprising to those of Frankenstein's readers familiar with the Abernethy-Lawrence debate over the nature of the life force, in the course of which the former identified the life force as being connate with the soul as it was originally breathed into humanity in Genesis 2:7 (de Almeida 100-101).
Depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs that are filled with connate water (fully water-saturated reservoirs) offer limited storage capacity.
The special issues related to oil sand processing arising from the combined trace minerals, dissolved gases, connate water, unrelated organic matter attached to the mineral matter are treated thoroughly.
It means that during the last 5000 years while the model lateral boundary conditions were close to the present ones, the front of deep connate groundwater could move laterally for 5-7 km on average.
The first step in the investigation concluded that the water that resided in the pipeline was a combination of the connate water produced from the reservoir and water formed from condensing vapor caused by changes in the pressure and temperature conditions in the pipeline.
The third chapter anlyzes the all-important, though sometimes elusive, doctrine of connate pneuma (hot air), concluding that it is a substrate for vital heat which is transported around the body while also underlying its natural upward motion (since heat itself is not a substance).
Therefore, the sediments are often of moderate to high salinity with shallow watertables, where the salts are derived from connate marine/estuarine sources or from increases in acidity due to sulfide oxidation.
Synersaga is generally characterized by the following features: forewing yellow brown or dark brown, slightly broader distally; venation with R free or connate with [R.