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the inedible nutlike seed of the horse chestnut

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There were prizes up for grabs in a range of categories for both adults and children including an award for the best conker player fancy dress.
The game is played between two people, each with a conker.
London, Oct 5( ANI ): Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli once again displayed his childish side after he had a game of conkers with a neighbourhood boy after stopping to ask a group of kids and dads why they were shaking a horse chestnut tree.
With Procter's Pest-Stop Spider & Bug Vacuum, you won't have to resort to conkers, chemical sprays, rolled up newspapers or the old-fashioned and tricky 'glass and a piece of paper' to deal with them.
But Molly's new family feared the conker could be harmful and took her to the vet, who found a microchip showing she was stolen.
But this year organisers say the wet summer should mean a cracking crop - although they're giving the conkers as much chance as possible to grow to competition standard.
Conkerers of all ages faced their rivals in a boxing ring in Sefton Park yesterday in a bid to win the coveted Golden Conker award, made from a conker sprayed with gold paint.
In the controversial conker article, Bonkers Head Bans Conkers, he 'there is a place for horse chestnuts'.
Nothing's been proven but the theory is that conkers contain a chemical that spiders hate.
An early crop of conkers has been attacked by a ravaging moth, putting traditional conker fights at risk
And, with the rules specifying no one can supply their own conkers or strings anyone could snatch the title.
CONKER BATHING ESSENCE For rheumatism and gout; encourages blood circulation ON some playgrounds of the world it's all about conkers and string, but it is conkers and toothpicks in Austria.
A STOLEN dog was reunited with her family yesterday 16 months after she disappeared - all because she swallowed a conker.
A crushed conker, A smooth conker A cracked conker, One dark conker.
SHELL-SHOCKED organisers of a traditional conker championship have been offered a last-minute reprieve - thanks to an appeal that stretched the length of the country.