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the inedible nutlike seed of the horse chestnut

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Or alternatively groups frantically throwing sticks up into the trees hoping to 'encourage' the conkers to fall.
There's nothing better than ripping off the prickly green shell and polishing what you find underneath for the perfect conker.
In the controversial conker article, headlined Bonkers Head Bans Conkers, he said: "There is a place for horse chestnuts.
Dr Evans co-founded the Conker Science website with Dr Michael Pocock, researcher at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, to help track the spread of the leaf miner moth.
Drill or pierce a hole through the conker and thread through a piece of string, knotting it to ensure it is secure.
A great place to enjoy a nature trail with the children as well as gathering A popular place for walkers and conker collecting.
London, Oct 5( ANI ): Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli once again displayed his childish side after he had a game of conkers with a neighbourhood boy after stopping to ask a group of kids and dads why they were shaking a horse chestnut tree.
With Procter's Pest-Stop Spider & Bug Vacuum, you won't have to resort to conkers, chemical sprays, rolled up newspapers or the old-fashioned and tricky 'glass and a piece of paper' to deal with them.
But this year organisers say the wet summer should mean a cracking crop - although they're giving the conkers as much chance as possible to grow to competition standard.
This news is likely to be keenly felt at this Sunday's World Conker Championships at Oundle, Northamptonshire.
And there is still the World Conker Championships, launched in Northamptonshire in 1965 after bad weather thwarted a fishing trip and the villagers decided to play conkers instead.
This is not a return to the conker wars of my youth but a desperate attempt to keep spiders out of my house.
It's as much a part of an English autumn as golden leaves falling from trees, but it seems that this year's conker fights will be few and far between due to the blight of a 'killer' moth.
the 2006 World Conker Championships in Northamptonshire.
But there was one important omission from this shoestring festival - there wasn't a conker in sight.