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Synonyms for conk

the uppermost part of the body

conk out: to cease functioning properly

conk out: to suddenly lose all health or strength

Synonyms for conk

come to a stop


Related Words

hit, especially on the head

Related Words

pass out from weakness, physical or emotional distress due to a loss of blood supply to the brain

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One sympathetic follower said: "My husband conked out in the middle of an ahem romantic evening.
The 24-year-old managed barely half a mile of the Silverstone track during first qualifying before his Minardi conked out at Becketts with an electrical problem.
Despite the dangers of being conked on the head by an errant sign or roughed up by the police, it turns out that protesting may actually be good for your health.
Volunteer driver John Taylor, a former mayor of Warrington, said: ``The old bus conked out while I was driving it and our funds won't stretch to a new one.
until she conked out, shuddering, with a strangled neigh.
Faced with a 37-mile journey across the Pennines to Manchester for a press conference ahead of his forthcoming world featherweight title clash with Wilfredo Vasquez, the Sheffield showman found himself snowbound when his limo conked out.
By the time he got a pen to get her address, the battery conked out.
Summers has already conked out in public at two high-profile events earlier this year.
A PILOT told yesterday how he managed to glide for 10 miles to safety after plane's engine conked out.
He swapped it for one with the exhaust hanging off and was eventually given the boss's four-wheel drive - which promptly conked out after a mile or two.
Her 2002 Chevy Cavalier -- bought on eBay when its predecessor conked out -- will get the equivalent of 30 mpg at $1.
I bought it from a garage in Kelso - I was working in the Borders at the time - picked it up to drive home to Edinburgh and got to Carfraemill, where it conked out.
For Souey revealed to me on Thursday night that his mobile phone conked out on him 48 hours before the transfer window slammed shut last Wednesday night.
When he died 15 years ago, his death notice read that: "John le Mesurier has just conked out", which The Times refused to publish (but other papers did).
And, his piano skill, dulcet tones, velvet nature, "crossover" appeal and conked do are all part of the image still with us even now, 27 years later.