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Synonyms for conk

the uppermost part of the body

conk out: to cease functioning properly

conk out: to suddenly lose all health or strength

Synonyms for conk

come to a stop


Related Words

hit, especially on the head

Related Words

pass out from weakness, physical or emotional distress due to a loss of blood supply to the brain

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We have the chance to provide nice dresses for women who have been in abusive relationships, lived in homeless shelters or on welfare so that they can get a job and support their families,'' said Conk, who heads the Santa Clarita suit drive for Dress For Success.
Sanchez and Conk listened to Grissom tell how to beat Saugus (La Canada had beaten the Centurions this season).
She has so much experience, such a drive and determination,'' Conk said.
Conk agrees with Bird, if Canyon plays like it did against Highland.
Conk refused to divulge names, saying only, ``I'm happy I can teach them responsibility.
The complexion of a team can change from year to year,'' said Canyon head coach Dean Conk.
And the Scots actor said he is growing to look more like Stewart the longer he plays the part - mainly because of his conk.
So he put what looked like a lychee on his conk and got daughter Ruby to tweet the pic.
Children will be entertained by Conk the Clown all afternoon and there will be a Children's Easter Hat Parade at 3pm.
As Red Nose Day (March 18) approaches, Captain Conk was sent to ask Merseysiders to do something funny for charity.
If dealing with an unexploded bomb wasn't hairy enough, try it with a battery that may conk out in the middle of the job.
I think it must be his conk nose and his bouffant hair.
Remember, in the desert the fan can conk out if the temperature goes above 120[degrees]F.
Regarding William The Conk - he wasn't French but lived in France and spoke Norman French.
Conk points to a wall calendar in his ad agency's office.