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Synonyms for conk

the uppermost part of the body

conk out: to cease functioning properly

conk out: to suddenly lose all health or strength

Synonyms for conk

come to a stop


Related Words

hit, especially on the head

Related Words

pass out from weakness, physical or emotional distress due to a loss of blood supply to the brain

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On to Anfield and in the spirit of things Conk he gave the Bill Shankly statue a red nose of his own before continuing the tour.
But Conk says some sections of the law don't help rural districts, particularly requiring secondary teachers to have a bachelor's degree in their area of instruction by 2005-06.
Conk the Clown with Louise Parr and Christine Moore (staff from Halifax) and a patient from the hospital
Conk praises the general product-design standard adopted by the Restatement, which predicates liability for almost all nonprescription products upon proof that a reasonable alternative design could have been adopted that would have avoided or reduced harm to the plaintiff.
They divide 20 times, or 50 times, but eventually they conk out.
One characteristic, ironic moment catches Nigerian funkster Okosun describing his early days, when every aspiring musician in Nigeria was an Elvis, imitator, complete with homemade conk.
During the pre-match build-up before this year's Champions League game between Galatasaray and Schalke, Conk had a keepyuppy contest with fellow officials in the dressing room.
Probably just a coincidence that the limo chose that very moment to conk out.
1 reason we are not endorsing the bill is its lack of mandatory funding for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act," says Mary Conk, legislative analyst with the American Association of School Administrators.
Eventually, usually after the wood has undergone considerable decay, the mycelium produces a fruiting body or conk on the surface.
Though the cheetah might outsprint the pronghorn on the short track, the big cat would conk out after 30 seconds.
Seasons at Biltmore Lake is located in one of the most beautiful areas in Asheville and provides buyers the opportunity to own a part of all that Asheville has to offer at an exceptional value," said Chip Conk, CEO, Montecito Property Company.
Mad Mark, a dancer who appeared on Britain's Got Talent, and Conk the Clown's balloon-making skills helped to raise more than pounds 750 at the event, at Asda, in Small Heath.
Fair enough, the thought of snuffling a relative up your conk on purpose is enough to make anyone go 'eeeuuwww' but let's face it, getting ashes up your nose is an occupational hazard when you're scattering the damn things.