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Synonyms for conjuror


Synonyms for conjuror

a witch doctor who practices conjury

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The very dulness of this grovelling-minded savage, who continued gazing at the supposed conjuror with a sort of stupid admiration, opposed now the only obstacle to the complete success of his artifice.
If your conjuror is not with his friends in the morning, my young men shall look for him.
I only wanted to say that we must be off early to-morrow morning, my dear, because unless we get the start of the dogs and the conjuror, the villages won't be worth a penny.
Very early next morning, Short fulfilled his promise, and knocking softly at her door, entreated that she would get up directly, as the proprietor of the dogs was still snoring, and if they lost no time they might get a good deal in advance both of him and the conjuror, who was talking in his sleep, and from what he could be heard to say, appeared to be balancing a donkey in his dreams.
Though circle members are renowned as the "keepers of ancient secrets", they are opening their doors to would-be magicians, conjurors and illusionists.
The conjurors flew in for the three-day convention which started yesterday at the Customs House, as part of the South Tyneside International Magic Festival 2014.
The conjurors flew in for the threeday convention which started yesterday at the Customs House, as part of the South Tyneside International Magic Festival 2014.
The book includes the departing Punch professor in William Macgregor's bleak view of Doing the Provinces, as well as the rather more cheerful picture in William Reed's Leith Races, with Punch taking his place alongside pipers, fiddlers, conjurors and performing animals.
Sounds like magic, and it is - all three men are playing conjurors.
Cups and Balls," a magic illusion in which balls appear and disappear under the cover of cups, is one of the oldest magic tricks in history, with documented descriptions going back to Roman conjurors in 3 B.
NOW that we have seen off the season of good will and are into New Year resolutions and 20% VAT territory, the Downing Street conjurors seem to have run out of tricks to lift some of our post-festive gloom.
The band were entertained by one of London's leading conjurors Sav - The Deceptionist.
At the beginning of April, the theme was 'magic', so conjurors and jugglers entertained the crowd while fairies marched around on stilts.
The boyhood Blue jumped at the chance and so began his tuition at the magical kingdom alongside such acclaimed conjurors as Mitch Ward and Joe-Max Moore.
I did a search of kids' entertainers on the web and came up with all manner of touchy-feely female clowns and New Age conjurors.