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Synonyms for conjuror


Synonyms for conjuror

a witch doctor who practices conjury

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While Bleak House features few direct references to secular magic and conjurors (unlike The Old Curiosity Shop or Dombey and Son), it makes a number of oblique references to conjuring and magical performance.
The band were entertained by one of London's leading conjurors Sav - The Deceptionist.
At the beginning of April, the theme was 'magic', so conjurors and jugglers entertained the crowd while fairies marched around on stilts.
To perform this work, slave healers (midwives, conjurors, diviners, and herbalists) selected from among a lengthy menu of strategies.
Like the Internet, there is the dubiously legal on Canal Street, as we walked past two setups in short succession, conning the gullible into games of cup-and-ball, the conjurors performing within tens of feet from bored traffic cops looking the other way.
Everybody's favorite British bad guy, Jason Isaacs, embodies the snooty Lucius Malfoy, father of Harry's school rival Draco (Tom Fenton) and a pretentious poster creep for full-blooded wizardly prejudice against all conjurors with Muggle genes.
The phrasing of the demons' response-- typically present in stories told by conjurors before the Inquisition-- reminds us of the plight of Don Quixote as he tried to find his treasure, Dulcinea, whose time of enchantment was not completed either.
So far as the latter is representative of the former, most contemporaries regarded Home as a trickster, and they supported this view by claiming that conjurors could explain the details.
Though circle members are renowned as the "keepers of ancient secrets", they are opening their doors to would-be magicians, conjurors and illusionists.
The conjurors flew in for the three-day convention which started yesterday at the Customs House, as part of the South Tyneside International Magic Festival 2014.
The conjurors flew in for the threeday convention which started yesterday at the Customs House, as part of the South Tyneside International Magic Festival 2014.
Especially now that the silly season is over and the conjurors are back in town.
ALTHOUGH this has similarities to the recent period drama about magicians, The Prestige, the inclusion of spooky conjurors from olden days is the only real similarity.
The boyhood Blue jumped at the chance and so began his tuition at the magical kingdom alongside such acclaimed conjurors as Mitch Ward and Joe-Max Moore.