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Synonyms for conjuror


Synonyms for conjuror

a witch doctor who practices conjury

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As John Forster records, he was a keen observer of such performances in both England and France; for instance, on May 3, 1853, Dickens invited Frank Stone to accompany him to a performance given by the influential French conjuror Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin at Sadlers Wells (Letters 7: 76).
Kids love to watch the conjuror pull the cuddly bunny out of a hat during his spellbinding act.
AS IF by magic, conjuror John Milner has been told he can make his famous vanishing lit cigarette trick reappear.
Our closed rehearsals for the Chinese Conjuror in Parade became a game of who could outdo whom.
Admission to all the meetings that week, starting on Tuesday, July 25, when the semi-finals of the Wafcol Cock O'The North will feature, will be free, and there will be various other give-aways and entertainment including a jazz band, comedian and conjuror at a gala dinner on Saturday.
A man who visited Smithfield in 1614 left an admiring account of a conjuror putting on a show with three yards of ribbon, while attractions in the 1700s included boat-swings and the Whirligig ferris wheel.
With the help of a couple of conjuror friends, he summons a ghastly Mephostophilis and strikes his lethal bargain with the devil: 24 years of divine knowledge and power, in exchange for his immortal soul.
This allows him to continue producing his unexpected forms like a conjuror in the dark: shamanism for the twenty-first century.
The piece also included a Little American Girl and a Chinese Conjuror - each with appropriate music - who were ably danced by Jennifer Goodman and Calvin Kitten, respectively.
Fuchs argues, "The mimesis of prophecy grants the conjuror greater power than the conjured" (40).
John Dee, the scientist, conducting important works in navigation, astronomy, and mathematics stands quite removed from Dee, the astrologer, alchemist, conjuror, and mystic conversing with angels.
He is a Conjuror, who has to use his powers to fight the Camarilla, an ancient evil organisation who murdered his aunt and his mother in Chicago.