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Derrida, too, hints at this inherent repetitiousness of the experience of magic in Specters of Marx, when he argues that "[a] conjuring trick in fact multiplies itself, it gets carried away with itself, and is unleashed in a series" (159).
Newman's voice - a husky, matter-of-fact drawl - is the perfect device to facilitate the conjuring trick whereby he is able to give the songs a conversational tone, lulling the listener until he springs the trap.
CITY have pulled off a cash conjuring trick to bring in a raft of top players at a cost of just PS8.
What begins as a conjuring trick between sceptics and psychics, scholars and scoundrels, spirals into the kind of supernatural hokum that blows up in your face.
What Assad has done, with highly effective assistance from Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, is a classic conjuring trick.
They can have the hypnotic appeal of a conjuring trick, an appeal only strengthened when the artifice is overwhelmed by emotional power (think of the devastating ending of Elizabeth Bishop's villanelle "One Art").
That would have spoilt one of the highlights of the season as Zarkandar and Ruby Walsh produced their own conjuring trick, having been locked up like Houdini in the pack as an unusually modest pace was set.
That is because my wife threw the sheets off her feverish body with such regularity I thought she was trying to perfect a conjuring trick.
stoic guidance time again to be lf of the season Yet nowthe Scot need mla t l d ds a conjuring trick to better even the upturn in form last time around after the New Year, when the Blues went unbeaten for so long.
Spring is her conjuring trick, the cards she had up her sleeve all winter long.
This conjuring trick will leave Birmingham with a fine hospital - and a sick financial legacy.
Wedding II couples a temptress with a leading man playing cards, suggesting that stardom is largely a conjuring trick.
The opposition, led by Tzipi Livni, accused Netanyahu of trying to perform some sort of conjuring trick, trying to have a freeze and construction at the same time.
A CHINESE man was arrested in Limassol yesterday after he tried to steal cash from a bank teller using a conjuring trick, police said.
There is one startling, if gratuitous, conjuring trick with the caskets which is so unexpected that I won't even attempt to describe it.