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Synonyms for conjure


conjure something up


Synonyms for conjure

to make an earnest or urgent request

Synonyms for conjure

ask for or request earnestly

engage in plotting or enter into a conspiracy, swear together

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In Mettler's films, images conjure much more than they represent.
Though his storytelling and logic could often use refinement, and despite his unfortunate tendency to meander off topic, Wild does conjure up some eye-opening trivia on the coffee manufacturing process, and there is merit to his claim that Third World farmers are facing a raw deal in part because of free trades unintended consequences.
The Irish have shamrock' the Americans have the Star Spangled Banner, but what images does your mind conjure up when you hear the word 'England' - and why?
For most people the word lesbian conjures up a short-haired woman who wears overalls .
Miller's storytelling is always confident and occasionally hilarious--as when, while having sex with a man, he conjures a guilt-induced visit from his mother.
However, our glass ceiling is just the opposite, it conjures an image of the sky's the limit.
Here, like the princes of yore, she conjures to the stage a sisterhood of vestals, the shades of a postmodernist dream.
Sometime drag king Cooper conjures postmodern family.
Thus the point of departure for this work is the visited site, from which the artist conjures up certain traces that are shared by his own culture: words in the languages of the place, plans of places experienced, or even the colors typical of other architectural traditions.
This never-before-seen footage found by George Roy and his partner Steve Stern conjures up memories of when we considered baseball to be `our game' and the connection that we felt to the players.
Krasnow loves extremes, too: "brittle black hair/on a blunt big/head" conjures something nearly overwhelming in its distastefulness.
This exploration of the unfamiliar effectively conjures a traveler's sense of displacement, balanced with moments that make it seem possible to integrate into a foreign landscape.
If you're like most folks, thinking about the Salvation Army conjures up images of red kettles and bells.
The very word "mutiny" conjures up romantic images of sailing vessels, buccaneers, and--inevitably--the colorful tale of HMS Bounty.
Martin's) exquisitely mixes essay, memoir, fiction, and a slew of Wildean epigrams ("Lack calls forth desire, but it is desire that conjures lack").