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Synonyms for conjuror


Synonyms for conjuror

a witch doctor who practices conjury

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gt;5 Now You See Me AN all-star cast including Morgan Freeman fail to magic up a coherent movie about a group of conjurers who rob a bank.
Which professional organisation represents conjurers and magicians?
00pm) Comedian Lenny Henry presents the magic contest in which sleight of hand artists Chris Korn, master illusionist Luis de Matos, and conjurers Barry and Stuart pair up with hip-hop group N-Dubz, Martin Kemp and Rolf Harris.
With suddenly omnipresent Jonathan "stargazer" Ross at the helm, this bizarre Friday night marathon featured a couple of Vegas conjurers trying to spot their British counterparts' sleightof-hand secrets.
Mohammad Al-Khatib, the PSD occasionally receive complaints concerning conjurers but the issue hasnAAEt developed into a phenomenon as yet.
Here he cites words and phrases from around the world and a vast assortment of periods and civilizations that are or ever have been used by shamans, conjurers, illusionists, and others.
The name Salem conjurers up numerous dark images--witch hunts, vampires and so on--so it is an interesting twist to find that the name belongs to the hero of the story--Salem Brownstone.
A SCHOOLBOY with the magic touch is preparing to face 14 novice conjurers in a tough TV contest.
Like the conjurers they write about, Rowling and Tolkien have fashioned whole worlds out of their imaginations, and swept up millions of readers into the rollicking adventures and quests of their heroes.
He is a stage and television performer/writer, an actor and consultant to the film industry in its portrayals of conjurers and confidence artists, a scholar and collector of magic history, and the author of Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women (1986) and the cult classic Cards as Weapons (1977).
Church at the School member Ann Howard said: "We are looking for people who can play music or put on plays, and for jugglers, conjurers and anyone who would like to do something at the show.
The problem of lumping different groups together appears in the discussion of subjects such as the work ethic of common whites or their belief in witches, conjurers, and the like.
and many conjurers nowadays "incorporate a 'fire-resistance' trick into their repertoire.
2) For example, several master narratives on Caribbean, especially Jamaican, history(3) maintained that conjurers were crafty, even diabolical, and these studies made the telling observation that practitioners of obeah were usually African, by which the authors appear to mean persons newly arrived to the Americas and still in possession of an African knowledge.