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Synonyms for conjuration

the use of skillful tricks and deceptions to produce entertainingly baffling effects

the use of supernatural powers to influence or predict events

Synonyms for conjuration

a ritual recitation of words or sounds believed to have a magical effect

calling up a spirit or devil

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Nor do the recits de conjuration offer a single, coherent political or moral lesson.
An Act against Conjuration, Witchcraft and dealing with evil and wicked Spirits 1604 1 Jas.
Sacrapant complies with an act of conjuration in which he makes appear on his table (altar) "Meat, drinke and bred" (368).
Two that might have been available to Cervantes were Pedro Ciruelo's Tratado en el qual se repruevan todas las supersticionesy hechicerias (A treatise reproving all superstitions and forms of witchcraft, 1530) or Martin de Castanega's Tratado muy sotil y bien fundado de las supersticiones y hechiceriasy vanos conjuros y abusiones (Very subtle and well-founded treatise on superstitions and witchcrafts and vain conjurations and abuses, 1529).
As members of a dying class, the Cranfordian women conjure up the ghosts of their own class hegemony in order to be protected from the truth of their social and economic condition; indeed, these conjurations directly point to a newly emerging bourgeoisie that doubts its own legitimacy and fears the intrusion of uncivilized aliens.
While echoes of Yaacov Agam, Richard Anuszkiewicz, Bridget Riley, and Victor Vasarely linger (as do hints of latterday retro-psychedelia), Blinderman's premise that the visual conjurations of current artists don't just sit on the surface of the painting, they transgress the frame and move right into the viewer's space - a realm profoundly complicated in recent years by spectacular advances in computer graphics and digital special effects, by IMAX virtuality and Magic Eye conundrums - is pretty convincing.
For when they write magic chants intending to address them to those powers, not only to the soul but to those above it as well, what are they doing except making the powers obey the word and follow the lead of people who say spells and charms and conjurations, any one of us who is well skilled in the art of saying precisely the right things in the right way, songs and cries and aspirated and hissing sounds and everything else which their writings say has magic power in the higher world?
The adept of mayombe or palo makes use of earth, wood from the forest, stories, animals and all types of plants or objects that aid in the accomplishment of the conjurations undertaken for the client's sake.
These highly subjective conjurations had to be challenged by the reader, who needed to decide whether he or she agreed with them or not.
Sullivan, whose hyperbolical rhapsodies and conjurations on Beethoven, Newton, and Einstein' had so endeared him to the book's twin protagonist, Henry Airbubble.
Some statements may function as conjurations (Alvesson and Koping 1993: Chap.
Writers like Ishmael Reed, Maxine Hong Kingston, Toni Morrison, and Leslie Silko have adopted many of the characteristics of magic ralism, in the tradition of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, but have gone one step farther by believing that their visions will become actual political reality, just as the successful conjurations of a shaman come alive.
10) |A Savere', as he signed his name, wrote from prison to Chief Justice Coke in 1616 denying any unlawful dealings or conjurations, but he admitted that Mrs Turner |desired me to be ernest with Gresham to be a means that Sir Arthur Mainwaring might marry her' and that when she did not pay him he threatened to make her repent it, meaning that he would tell Sir Arthur and inform the Court of Arches of the children she had by Sir Arthur.
I will consider the links between the overt representation of the manual, on the one hand, and the mystification of sexuality, on the other, first through the novel's thematics of male masturbation; I will then proceed to broaden the manual/erotic affiliation and examine the hand's capacity to signify non-solitary sexuality, specifically through its potential for both inciting and regulating male homoeroticism; finally, I will assess the novel's efforts at representing and managing women's sexuality through increasingly phantasmatic conjurations of the female hand.
The cult of Sybil, according to legend, elicited conjurations and pleas for rings of invisibility that were bestowed as part of the graces of "the Blessed Virgin of Fairies, 'sibyllia,' or the 'three sisters of fairies, Milia, Achilia, Sibylia,' "who appeared "in form and shape of fair women, in white vestures" (967).