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Synonyms for conjuration

the use of skillful tricks and deceptions to produce entertainingly baffling effects

the use of supernatural powers to influence or predict events

Synonyms for conjuration

a ritual recitation of words or sounds believed to have a magical effect

calling up a spirit or devil

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Avoiding conjuration, Blau recognizes how ghosting became their process, and he maintains its autonomous character.
Part 1 lays the contextual scaffolding for the project, situating the conjuration in the contemporary lexicological, philosophical, and literary landscapes.
The concentric quality of the text then positions John's perspective as the outer most narrative frame, followed by Julius's meditational/liminal narrative perspective, with his tales of conjuration occupying a central place in the text.
Les nombreux rituels et le sens sacre predominant qui caracterisent la fete au Cameroun ne sont pas du tout ce qui se vit dans la fete du Canada ; lorsque cette derniere a debute, en 2009, on avait assiste a un simulacre des rituels de conjuration du mauvais sort appele l'Essa, suivi de quelques representations culturelles et de la valorisation de la gastronomie sawa.
By subtly disrupting her vision of cosmopolitan unity with relics of the past, Edgeworth characteristically inscribes the paradox of conjuration within her novel.
The "fragments" of the Egyptian god recall princess Hermonthis's mummified foot in Gautier's short story "Le Pied de Momie" ("The Mummy's Foot") (1840): the fetishized foot, the fragment, becomes the portal through which the narrator's fantasy is realized with the conjuration of the tantalizing princess and the recreation of an Egyptian spectacle inside his quarters.
75) Blackstone discusses the crime of "witchcraft, conjuration, enchantment, or sorcery," with the caveat that
is the main visual element in the necromancer's techniques, the conjuration is the key oral component.
Philip Gyffard, asserting that this "incorporeal figure" (1:x) was a conjuration of misinterpreted evidence.
The way a specific place is experienced may be a conjuration of the unconscious, but this can happen only because something inherent in that place encourages the unconscious to materialize.
More than 25 performers act out a condensed, mostly wordless version of the Scottish Play all throughout the building, with theatergoers just as likely to stumble upon a weird sister in a solitary moment of conjuration as the pivotal banquet scene in which Banquo's ghosts returns.
The two texts on which she focuses her exposition, the Daoist Scripture for Unbinding Curses (Jieshi zhouzu jing) and the Buddhist Sutra for the Conjuration of Bewitchments (Zhoumei jing), were the products of a "subtle textual exchange" between the two traditions, whose approaches to neutralizing spells and curses were otherwise distinctly dissimilar.
In the composition entitled "The Hall of Conjuration," Wigman overcomes the bounds of space and light in order to move into another dimension.
Here, at the crossroads between narrative representation and expressive conjuration, where story stands mute before its genesis in inchoate groan and wordless bone patterns, something is happening outside the Western text of healing.
He describes his conclusions in his work La Conjuration de Catilina as mere "conjectures" (37).