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a critical combination of events or circumstances

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Democracy and democratization in comparative perspective; conceptions, conjunctures, causes and consequences.
Considering the current economy and industry conjunctures, we recommend refraining from investments into bonds of the company, despite the attractive yield.
Modern Buddhist Conjunctures in Myanmar: Cultural Narratives, Colonial Legacies, and Civil Society.
These are two distinct conjunctures, separated by the crisis of the 1970s.
So far I have been dealing with normal economic conjunctures if on a larger scale then normal.
The popularization of Santa, whose image was only codified in advertisements in the l920s and 30s--Coca-Cola and Whitman's candy were the main players--is just one of the conjunctures of commercialism and celebration that have come to define our contemporary holiday.
s New Testament conjunctures, her assessment of attitudes toward food there appears valid.
This slim volume contains four papers preceded by a very brief preface, discussing the appropriation or transformation of specific public rituals in Italian cities in periods of shifting political, social, and/or cultural conjunctures.
to determine the conjunctures of Ottoman manufacturing as a whole" (p.
Modern Buddhist conjunctures in Myanmar; cultural narratives, colonial legacies, and civil society.
In the past, conjunctures have tended to be discussed in national terms - dealing with the coming together in a given space of different tendencies and sets of political forces and possibilities.
While he moves more rapidly in contrasting 1790 and 1823 as industrial conjunctures, he nonetheless teases out local, national and international forces that led to dramatic changes in the nature and future of Catalan growth.
This is an interdisciplinary exploration of conjunctures between postcolonialism and tourism theory as seen primarily through an aesthetic, literary lens.