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Synonyms for conjunct

progressing melodically by intervals of a second

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bound in close association

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involving the joint activity of two or more

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If a query includes "//" (indirect containment), every occurrence of "//" is replaced with "%/" in the string representing the path and LIKE is used instead of = in the first conjunct of the WHERE clause of the SQL statement.
The majority of the cases (48) occur after if, the rest is quite evenly distributed among forms appearing after various conjuncts, with the slight preponderance after till / until.
The resultant structure includes two topicalized conjuncts, and only the first one is marked for the case internal to the clause (adessive).
Saturn The baby's Saturn in Scorpio squares Catherine's Mercury and Venus, conjuncts her and William's Jupiter in Scorpio and trines his Sun and Moon in Cancer.
Since these requirements are conjuncts, both are needed to make the case for medicine as a proper profession; if medicine fails to meet one of them, it fails the entire test.
Scholars take the co-ordination of a participle with one or more adjectives (mainly by means of the conjunction [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], 'and', or simply a comma) as a clear sign of adjectivisation, under the assumption that conjuncts are of the same category (Boyer 1984:168; Amenta 2003:32).
Whereas, in the Inaugural horoscope (21st January), Moon is exalted and conjuncts retrograde Jupiter in Krittika constellation.
As Mercury conjuncts Pluto a conversation could be quite decisive.
His wedding is set for the day Jupiter conjuncts the Sun, April 6, which is such a lovely aspect for a wedding - something tells me this date may have been astrologically picked.
In SGF (4), the second clausal conjuncts is finite but has no overt subject; the implied subject is identical to the overt, non-left peripheral subject of the preceding clause.
When the vessel cools down, calcium oxide (CaO) conjuncts with air humidity, generating calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2), which is composed of bigger crystals.
This, too, is a moral fact (a conjunction each of whose conjuncts is a moral fact is itself a moral fact).
As the Moon conjuncts Saturn, in Libra, you may feel stuck.
Neptune, the planet of fantasy and dreams ruled his 8th house of regeneration conjuncts with Saturn (which rules the bones) and exalted harmonious Libra.
Mars conjuncts Saturn in May so you'll be prepared for the steady work involved.