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Synonyms for conjunctive

an uninflected function word that serves to conjoin words or phrases or clauses or sentences

serving or tending to connect


involving the joint activity of two or more

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As noted earlier, the judicially created economic substance doctrine included two prongs--business purpose and economic substance--which courts applied conjunctively, disjunctively, or as a factors test.
In the table, N is the number of all documents, l is the maximum number of keywords which is queried conjunctively, v(l) is a constant determined by the characteristic of a given data set, m is the number of matched documents, m' is the number of documents which are matched to one of conjunctively queried keywords (usually m' > m), 'pairing' means computation of bilinear map over EC, and 'SD' means computation of symmetric key decryption.
Desertion with intent to remain away permanently is a separate crime and should not be charged either conjunctively or disjunctively in the same specification as either kind of desertion with intent to shirk.
As Infuse is used conjunctively with some of Medtronic's other spinal fusion devices, the final outcome of this ordeal ultimately may have a negative impact on the company's sales of its spinal implants.
if [L] has a contradictory, it is necessary, by Aristotle's rule, to prefix negation to the whole of [L], and just as [L] signifies conjunctively [that L is false and that L is true], so its opposite signifies disjunctively, namely, that L is not false or L is not true.
So, rather than looking for the answer, rather than thinking dis-junctively (it is either a or b), cultural studies thinks conjunctively (it is a and b and .
In the letter written to PM available with Online Khosa has written "As Advisor and latter Minister In-charge of IT & T I found rampant illegalities, irregularities in appointments of officers, officials, board members also grants of billions in sheer violation of laws, subsides of billions ruthlessly detrimental to the funds of MOIT/Companies and deciphered a total cartelization conjunctively and collaboratively patronized by the deeply entrenched mafia within the Ministry.
circuit that reads the provision conjunctively to apply the actual test.
109 should be interpreted conjunctively, (128) provided specific examples of the types of state laws the TSA Rule would preempt, and made clear that [section] 1580.
As a result of the clinical examination there have been noticed the following aspects: maxillary left lateral edentulous, conjunctively prosthesis with a metal-acrylic bridge, made incorrectly; covering all esthetic crowns unadjusted with 1.
Prehensions of the positive and negative varieties operate conjunctively in virtue of a process of selection.
that ultimate principle by which the many, which are the universe disjunctively, become the one actual occasion, which is the universe conjunctively.
As will be seen from the discussion that follows, various constructs of memory operate conjunctively in Horrelpoot to display a palimpsestual tension between memory and history.
A thorough CINAHL database search was conducted to determine the extent to which articles, specifically from the viewpoint of the complementary health practitioner, commented on hypnosis (or hypnotherapy) as used conjunctively with other complementary medicine.