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Synonyms for conjunctive

an uninflected function word that serves to conjoin words or phrases or clauses or sentences

serving or tending to connect


involving the joint activity of two or more

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The closest doctrine, the economic substance doctrine, included only two such doctrines, business purpose and economic substance, joined conjunctively, disjunctively, or holistically.
1303, 1310-11 (1974) (discussing the different areas in which experts may be helpful, including conjunctively to prove the individual evidentiary elements of proof).
As well owners on the Arkansas, it is important for Two Rivers to work conjunctively with and support AGUA in making sure its augmentation program is sustainable.
Cultural liberation, insists Soyinka ([1976] 1995: viii), is attained through "the expression of a true self-apprehension"; it is conjunctively in transit, because "in order to transmit the self-apprehension of a race, a culture, it is sometimes necessary to liberate from, and relate this collective awareness to, the value of others" ([1976] 1995: viii).
This suggests that fascicles of tracheids, as in vascular cryptogam steles, serve as conductive units conjunctively, whereas individual vessels or tracheids with differentiation of end walls are the conductive units in monocots.
The rule is contained in the discussion of duplicitous charges: "[o]ne specification should not allege more than one offense, either conjunctively (the accused 'lost and destroyed') or alternatively (the accused 'lost or destroyed').
Facet arthroplasty systems, which are designed to be used conjunctively with lumbar artificial discs, are expected to be a promising market due to their indications and facilitative properties.
In this respect, the major difference between the sociology of Carlyle and the fiction of his contemporaries is that Carlyle depicts the working classes conjunctively as both rationalist and disinterested, although the two practices of working-class life never occur simultaneously, while in the fiction of the era, for narratological reasons, authors represent the working classes disjunctively, as either disinterested or ruthlessly self-interested.
In the letter written to PM available with Online Khosa has written "As Advisor and latter Minister In-charge of IT & T I found rampant illegalities, irregularities in appointments of officers, officials, board members also grants of billions in sheer violation of laws, subsides of billions ruthlessly detrimental to the funds of MOIT/Companies and deciphered a total cartelization conjunctively and collaboratively patronized by the deeply entrenched mafia within the Ministry.
circuit that reads the provision conjunctively to apply the actual test.
As a result of the clinical examination there have been noticed the following aspects: maxillary left lateral edentulous, conjunctively prosthesis with a metal-acrylic bridge, made incorrectly; covering all esthetic crowns unadjusted with 1.
The author proposes four potential solutions, each of which could be used independently or conjunctively.