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Synonyms for conjunctive

an uninflected function word that serves to conjoin words or phrases or clauses or sentences

serving or tending to connect


involving the joint activity of two or more

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As in Paso Robles, producers enacted a conjunctive labeling law; all wine made in the county must have the words 'Sonoma County' on the label.
Instead, the author (Siple, 1995) included both conjunctive devices and a number of features of reference under the rubric of cohesion, such as using one's fingers to represent a list of items or creating reference through the use of space, where different objects were established in different locations.
Note the imagery of the nature scene in the following sentence in addition to the recurrence of the conjunctive identities.
The conjunctive treatment also showed significant decrease in oxidative stress as assessed by MDA levels and the antioxidant enzymes (GSH, GSSH, GPX, total glutathione, Catalase and Superoxide dismutase) which were depressed by TMT treatment was significantly improved by GBE.
According to the subset account of realization, a property, F, is realized by another property, G, whenever F is individuated by a nonempty proper subset of the causal powers by which G is individuated (and F is not a conjunctive property of which G is a conjunct).
When a federal criminal statute uses the word "or" to specify several means by which an offense may be committed, federal district courts require prosecutors to charge the offenses in the conjunctive using the word "and.
But rather than treat them as dichotomous, Throop argues that experience covers a range of articulated forms that fall everywhere between these poles from the utterly disjunctive and discordant to the most fully articulated and conjunctive.
In defining the conjunctive stage, teachers are told that" now one's faith expression is no longer that of parents, Church or tradition, but one's own.
111-152 [the Health Care Act), codified a conjunctive economic substance test in new Code Sec.
Hittite abounds in adjunct phrases but has so far not yielded a secure attestation of disjoined disjunctive or indeed conjunctive phrases of this type.
But to make this point is only to deny that I have a conjunctive reason.
Harris is interested in three: supersessionary, "according to which the present or future differs and distances itself from the past"; explosive, in which the past ruptures elements of the status quo, revealing them as inadequate, incomplete, or not fully true; and conjunctive, in which elements of different times or ages may be held in proximity, mutually enlightening and embracing each other's difference (4).
In order to achieve the proposed objectives, combination of quantitative and qualitative methods were used to gather information about groundwater usage (Number of wells, type of wells, energy used, horse power, depth of well, depth of water table, frequency and duration of pumping ground water, local water market, well expenses and conjunctive use of water for irrigation).
In particular, Duvinsky and Poppen describe such workplace schedules as a conjunctive fixed-interval fixed-ratio (i.
Castren, the stem i- is used also in the Enets conjunctive (Castren 1864 : 516-517), whereby the length of the stem vowel (i-) is most likely caused by adherence of the conjunctive marker ji to the primary stem vowel i (i- < (see e.