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Synonyms for conjunctional

of, relating to, or tending to produce combination

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As a summary, by use of a theoretical framework of the knowledge resource-based view, this research conducted fuzzy-sets quantitative comparative analysis on 232 Chinese firm samples, in an attempt to discuss multiple conjunctional causation to value co-creation.
It is possible to assume, therefore, that it has not fallen into disuse, being just a conjunctional item not much used (BARRETO, 1999, p.
For example, in this analysis, the canonical lyric poem, which compared to the other literary genres is a reflex of centroidal time, is stylistically organic, comedic, logical, synecdochic, rhymed, stanzaic, chiastic, copular, conjunctional, phrasal, adjectival, copular, modifying, present tense, ist person, imperfective, subjunctive, exclamative, gendered, aspectual, reciprocal, and derivational, with a rise-fall intonation, a prosodic focus on tertiary stress and the clitic phrase, and an imagery that tends to focus on youth, Eden, growth, summer, noon, water, plants, and so forth--a very reasonable characterization.
As it arises from Los estudios culturales en Espana, cultural studies is a conjunctional, cross-disciplinary mode of inquiry which intends to make the world a better place.
It is alleged that a company owned and controlled by Mr Northcote, Yard House Australia and New Zealand Pty Ltd (YANZ) entered into a conjunctional agreement with a hotel broker whereby it would receive 50% of all sales commissions paid by CHGL and vendors to the hotel broker for hotels purchased by CHGL.