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Synonyms for conjunctional

of, relating to, or tending to produce combination

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The production of spaces of futurity as one form of encapsulation is production of urban panoramas and skylines through two (overlapping) forms: the conjunctional and the hyper-representational" (Jansson, Lagerkvist 2009: 26-27).
Moreover, "scalar" deja operates on the content level of its host utterance, whereas thematic deja is more like a conjunctional adverb, and thus operates on the level of the speech act, presenting the first argument of a series.
Where "it" appears one would expect to find "that," since that, in Elizabethan verse, was frequent;y used as a conjunctional affix following as.
A long record of success dates back to OCER's birth when it persuaded the PSC to "grandfather" submetering and conjunctional billing practices for those who had been previously covered by them.
The event was held in conjunctional with the GIA exhibition held in Paris every two years.