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Synonyms for conjunct

progressing melodically by intervals of a second

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bound in close association

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involving the joint activity of two or more

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The required case is used on the first conjunct and thus is already clear to the speaker by the time the head of the relative clause is pronounced.
Scholars take the co-ordination of a participle with one or more adjectives (mainly by means of the conjunction [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], 'and', or simply a comma) as a clear sign of adjectivisation, under the assumption that conjuncts are of the same category (Boyer 1984:168; Amenta 2003:32).
17, "The Conjunct Expeditions to Norway," draws on German and British records.
However, when she speaks of these two as "largely the same'" and makes the leap to create her conjunct, she violates one of the most important principles in responsible comparative theology: She appropriates chi to further the theological agenda of Christianity.
The epigraphs: from Molyneux's Conjunct Expeditions: or, expeditions that have been carried on jointly by the fleet and army, with a commentary on a littoral war (1759); an observation by Wellesley (later Lord Wellington) on his 1808-1809 Peninsular Campaign.
At sunrise on December 21, 2012 for the first time in 26,000 years the Sun will rise to conjunct the intersection of the Milky Way and the plane of the ecliptic.
Like the sabak singing style discussed above, the conjunct (or stepwise) melodic motion in each line of text creates a smooth and flowing melodic line.
Together with this act, under the notion of the same offence, are included certain circumstances: which circumstances enter into the essence of the offence, contribute by their conjunct influence to the production of its consequences, and in conjunction with the act are brought into view by the name by which it stands distinguished.
Neither here, nor elsewhere in the book, does the author observe the disjunct linear contours common to most of Webern's row presentations and the much more conjunct melodic contours of Schoenberg's re-ordered row presentations.
Against a melody of almost entirely conjunct motion in the right hand, the left hand must repeatedly extend to the octave quickly and confidently in the bass line.
Actually, sense does not reside permanently within the texts; rather it goes through them as a result of the conjunct action of the enunciators, who negotiate the frame of the situation (stake) where they are actively involved.
The Daily Record's Petchamp 2010 competition is being run in conjunct ion with Pets at Home, who have more than 270 stores across Britain.
In any case it is not always clear whether a conjunct verb has been inherited or borrowed in the north-west.