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Synonyms for conjunct

progressing melodically by intervals of a second

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bound in close association

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involving the joint activity of two or more

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Generally requires a slightly less open vowel than sostenuto singing Conjunct pattern Physiological demands vary with the tempo: (Can be slow or fast slow conjunct is a form of sostenuto; fast in tempo.
the conjuncts would have to exceed the threshold--by quite a lot where
iii) Constructions contain a special element that signals the construction, and occupies a standard syntactic position, as can be seen in (23) where the enumerative listing conjunct triggers the XVS construction.
16 In the ending of the day, 17 and in this moment Appendix 2: Tenor Analysis of Ana's Text Adjunct Adjunct Subject 1 In my life every single day Circumst 2 but sometimes one day Conjunct Mood 3 this day I Circumst 4 So I Conjunct 5 the day 6 so Conjunct I 7 and Conjunct 8 I 9 and Conjunct I 10 she 11 suddenly, all my problem 12 Comment my mind 13 She 14 I 15 and I Conjunct 16 In the ending of the day, she Circumst 17 and, in this moment I Conjunct Circumst Predicator Complement 1 are impoitant, 2 can be more important that the others.
Whereas cross-linguistically the verb of a conjoined subject either agrees with the first of the two conjuncts called first conjunct agreement (FCA) or with the second conjunct called second conjunct agreement (SCA) or last conjunct agreement (LCA) Pashto ao conjoined subjects are different in the sense that the verb shows agreement neither with the first conjunct nor the last conjunct.
Thanks to the conjunct effort of active ISME members, institutions, and associations in partnership with ISME, it has been possible to organize conferences that across time have given continuity and strength to a more open, informed, and participatory international academic community.
The problem is that the second conjunct of the antecedent of the nested conditional ([3.
A statement from Darwin Turf Club read: "Darwin Turf Club in conjunct with the TRNT (Thoroughbred Racing of the Northern Territory) stewards agreed it was best to abandon the meeting in order to begin an investigation into this tragic event.
Moreover, the nominative on the head of a relative construction can be used when this construction is the second conjunct in a coordinated structure (31).
The InterContinental San Francisco added a Level 2 station in conjunct ion with LityPark, the hotel's valet parking operator, which funded the project and fulfilled contract terms that included a commitment to installing charging stations.
The Moon and Jupiter were conjunct in Sagittarius at your birth and this shows a warm generosity of spirit and a willingness to travel, which will be your passport to success here.
17, "The Conjunct Expeditions to Norway," draws on German and British records.
However, when she speaks of these two as "largely the same'" and makes the leap to create her conjunct, she violates one of the most important principles in responsible comparative theology: She appropriates chi to further the theological agenda of Christianity.
The right-hand conjunct, in this case, is simply a necessary condition for there to be any reason at all.