conjugal family

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a family consisting of parents and their children and grandparents of a marital partner

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53-72), Triimper being open to the idea that wealthier households may have accommodated extended family groups, while Dickmann starts from the Saller and Shaw line that the conjugal family unit was the norm.
Thematically, Mapping the Margins offers twelve essays that consider the normative, conjugal family (of homemakers and wives and breadwinners and husbands, along with their dependant children), as a marginalizing force, a powerful model that often served to define those living outside of it.
This study is the follow up of an earlier study of laws governing relations in the conjugal family and their impact on the situation of women in West Africa.
132 Conjugal Family SexBeh Violence Gender Race Security Marital Conjugal 1.
4) A few pages later he reiterates that "single adult women were normally under the guardianship of their fathers or brothers, with tutelage reverting more generally to the kindred if males of the conjugal family were dead or incompetent.