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in conjunction with

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Enacting the two conjointly simply does not strike me as a well thought-out, realistic paradigm.
In equation (3) the rejection of the null hypothesis that gross domestic investment does not Granger-cause saving requires that (i) the [phi]j's conjointly be statistically significant and/or (ii) the error correction term ([z.
Many companies are still struggling to determine an optimal way to manage these conjointly against a backdrop of organizational and accounting-related concerns raised by the Financial Accounting Standards Board.
THREE RECENT PUBLICATIONS ON NEW ORLEANS, particularly when read conjointly, provide a rich and comprehensive view of the literary life of the city.
Recent research has highlighted the presence of a "cognitive unconscious," insofar as most cognitive processes--such as forming a sentence--imply nonconscious processes working conjointly with conscious ones (Reber, 1993).
Abstract: IA Cumulative Strategies Model for drug abuse prevention employs a process by which two or more drug abuse prevention strategies are used conjointly, such that each strategy targets two or more factors that place children at high risk for drug abuse.
Unaffected churches conjointly held unity services and earmarked a portion of the offerings for rebuilding black churches (Smith, 1996).
Rather than one spouse representing the other, it is in fact much more likely that the constant reference to both spouses conjointly signified the representation of the marital unit as a whole.
While both Haraway and Schussler Fiorenza draw a similar methodological conclusion from their readings of Sojourner Truth, that different conditions of oppression must be analyzed specifically and conjointly without conflating them, I prefer Haraway's reading of Truth to Schussler Fiorenza's.
We first made contact in 1965 when our two sons conjointly had a difference of opinion with their headmaster and were not welcome in their school for a spell.
Equipment, procedures, consumables and processes can be compared and conjointly evaluated, based on their effect on the casting (Fig.
Malaysia has many of the pieces to solve this economic puzzle but also conjointly has an entrenched political establishment, which has promulgated an Internal Security Act that puts dissidents in prison for daring to challenge their authority (Mahathir, 1997).
At dozens of points, Bambara's assembled company of activist women lay bare the myth of matriarchy as conjointly framed by black nationalist males and by white males within liberal policy chambers.
And while he pleases the crowd with a flurry of oldies, he sneaks in a couple of new numbers written conjointly by the new band, all with a self-deprecating, "Let's get this over with .
This is a fallacy hence, the running of the Maritime Careers Expo conjointly with the celebrations over the next two days to showcase that there are also career opportunities ashore in the maritime industry.