conjoined twin

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one of a pair of identical twins born with their bodies joined at some point

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Conjoined twins have also been known as Siamese twins, named for a (https://www.
Forced traction was applied to effect delivery of fetus, but was futile, hence further deep and detailed examination of fetus following its repulsion was done, revealing some additional lateral growth, simulating rib cage of another conjoined twin fetus, on right side of rib cage of fetus already in birth canal and it was locking the fetus at pelvic inlet when traction was applied.
Conjoined twin baby girls have been released from a hospital in China almost three weeks after they were separated in a marathon operation, state media reported Tuesday.
Conjoined twins are rarely seen in medical practice, and the incidence is reported as 1 in 50.
Saudi Arabia has gained an outstanding reputation for surgeries to part conjoined twins.
He said the birth of the conjoined twin girls was the first its kind in the county.
Mum Laura Williams, aged 18, from Shrewsbury, became the youngest person ever to give birth to conjoined twins on November 26.
The anomaly of conjoined twins fascinates and amazes people around the world.
Saud Arabia has gained an international reputation in performing conjoined twin separation surgeries.
They were then taken to Great Ormond Street - the most experienced centre in Europe for separating conjoined twins.
Diagnosis of conjoined twin can help in better obstetric outcome and fetal salvage.
CONJOINED twin Faith Williams tragically passed away on Christmas Day.
A WEEK-OLD conjoined twin died and her sister has a 50-50 chance of survival after they were separated by emergency surgery.
Formerly conjoined twin babies were in intensive care cribs Friday as doctors watched closely for signs of any problems in the first critical days following a lengthy separation surgery.
The separation surgery of Palestinian conjoined twins Farah and Haneen has been successful at King Abdullah Specialized Children Hospital in Riyadh.