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DALLAS -- The ConJoin Group, a strategic transformative IT and business services company, has acquired PHNS, the leading provider of healthcare IT and business services for $250m.
The ConJoin Group transforms companies by reinvigorating their sales approach and building flexible global delivery platforms.
ConJoin Group, LLC transforms underperforming companies to realize demonstrable and accelerating value.
He will be a key driver of growth at ConJoin, and it is my pleasure to welcome him to the team.
ConJoin Group, LLC helps companies transform "stranded assets" to realize demonstrable and accelerating value.
Sirius, the Dog Star, conjoins Bush's birth chart and corresponds to the tarot trump The Moon.
While these may be good long term tactics, ConJoin Group believes that the venture capital and private equity industry can drive impact to valuation today by focusing their attention on the operational performance of their struggling portfolio companies.
The ConJoin Group believes that action can be taken toward improving the operational performance of an organization which can move some companies closer to a liquidity event in the future and allow others to survive the economic turbulence.
ConJoin intends to build a portfolio of five to ten transformational projects per year with additional funding of $10 million to $20 million per project to fund transformation and growth.
I very much look forward to leading the sales charge, and ensuring that Conjoin properly communicates this value proposition as it works to meet our aggressive goals for 2001 and beyond.
Bobbi Heath co-founded Conjoin in 1998 and has been instrumental to the success of the company.
It conjoins several centuries of evolutionary development with several decades of experimentation.