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Synonyms for conjecture

Synonyms for conjecture

abstract reasoning

a judgment, estimate, or opinion arrived at by guessing

to draw an inference on the basis of inconclusive evidence or insufficient information

Synonyms for conjecture

a hypothesis that has been formed by speculating or conjecturing (usually with little hard evidence)

a message expressing an opinion based on incomplete evidence

reasoning that involves the formation of conclusions from incomplete evidence

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Dr Grigori Perelman, from the Steklove Institute of Mathematics at the Russian Academy of Sciences in St Petersburg, has published two papers offering a solution to a larger-scale problem called the Geometrization Conjecture.
Shares of US raw material suppliers, banks and technology companies, all of which are hurt the most by the conjecture of slowing economic growth, have been under the greatest pressure.
The diverse range of characters who play a part in the story of the conjecture's development into a proof all share the desire to advance the understanding of Kepler's conjecture, either for personal glory and posterity, or for the greater good of mathematical understanding.
a) Rejection of conjecture (al-zann) vis-a-vis certitude (al-yaqin):
and French mathematicians have proved the Taniyama-Shimura conjecture posted in the 1960s through the studies of two Japanese, Japanese academic sources said Thursday.
Even when the forecasts are available, evaluating their accuracy involves considerable conjecture because, unlike most private forecasts, they are often based on arbitrary baseline assumptions about policy--rather than guesses about what the policymakers will actually do.
The "sin" is that Uncle Petros squandered his God-given talent by wasting his time trying to prove Goldbach's Conjecture.
Professor Miles Reid, of Warwick University, has spent more than 30 years mulling over the Hodge Conjecture which has baffled academics for decades.
20) One can only conjecture about the content of their conversation.
But according to Popper's epistemology, since a presupposition is only a conjecture or conclusion used to help spawn other conjectures, there is no reason why presuppositions cannot be debated and criticized.
Analyzing the integration decision at the firm-level demonstrates that a pair must make an additional conjecture in order to assess the profitability of integration: the pair must have a conjecture about whether or not it expects rival pairs also will integrate.
I use consistent conjecture approach to probe the effects of this difference on the equivalence.
In the context of monetary policy, such provisions likely would cause many policymakers to be much less willing to conjecture about future economic and financial developments, to explore alternative policies, or to challenge others views.
Moreover, a tenant defense which is intended to undermine the owner's claim of good faith, will not be sustained where the defense consists of nothing more than mere conjecture, speculation or falsehood.
His major contributions include several work on conjectures, such as Calabi conjecture, positive mass conjecture and existence of black holes, Smith conjecture, Hermitian Yang-Mills connection and stable vector bundles, Frankel conjecture and Mirror conjecture, as well as new methods and concepts of gradient estimates and Harnack inequalities, uniformization of complex manifolds, harmonic maps and rigidity, minimal submanifolds, and also open problems in geometry, covering harmonic functions with controlled growth, rank rigidity of nonpositively curved manifolds, Kahler-Einstein metrics and stability of manifolds and Mirror symmetry.