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a gum resin from the poison hemlock, Conium maculatum

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There are "core" musicians in any Conima wind ensemble: the guias, respected for their musical wisdom but not exercising authority in an explicit fashion.
As to competition and ensemble style in Conima, Turino emphasizes that musical rivalry is a principal motivation for originality of group-performance style, ensemble style signatures, and original repertory being carefully guarded.
Turino's participant-observation research reveals how a tarka piece for Carnival in Conima, in 1985, was jointly composed by ten tarka players, in a kind of continuous, nonverbal, music "brainstorming" process, until a finished piece emerged; Turino would ultimately perform with a tarka tropa, at that fiesta.
Especially important in Conima is the composition of new pieces for the major fiestas, where interensemble competition is the strongest.
He proceeds to discuss in significant detail the musk-style features of the various Conima wind-ensemble genres.
In an interesting section on "cultural" repetition and contrast, Turino notes how this principle of Conima musical composition - use of small variations, within a larger body of repetition of constant material - extends also to Conima culinary style and to Andean weaving practices.
Turino analyzes three principal fiestas in Conima - those occasions that break the profound silence of everyday life and labors: Fiesta de la Cruz (May 3); Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria (February 2); Carnival.
Closely connected with Qhantati Ururi's early development was Natalio Calderon, a Conima mestizo landowner who had become involved with area ayllu musicians.