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Synonyms for coniferous

of or relating to or part of trees or shrubs bearing cones and evergreen leaves


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But many of the larger coniferous trees will be left, with the aim of promoting natural regeneration and encouraging the growth of native broad-leaf species such as oak, ash, silver birch and hazel.
At the same time one can see that the noticeable migration of moose is caused by the fact that in freezing weather moose prefer young coniferous stands as well as mature juniper stands over deciduous stands.
The estate has been earmarked as a red squirrel refuge because of its coniferous woodland and isolated valley location.
Forestry land contains native deciduous trees as well a coniferous species, and these trees are vital to the ecological balance of our environment.
Begin planting evergreen and coniferous trees towards the end of the month.
I agree that millions of acres of coniferous forest require fire to reduce the amount of flammable material, discourage unwanted species, and encourage regeneration of desirable species.
This summer, the European Union (EU) announced that it would impose emergency measures for coniferous solid wood packing material (SWPM) originating in China, Japan, Canada, and the United States to reduce the spread of the pinewood nematode intercepted in several recent shipments to Finland, France, and Sweden.
Park officials have found a new spot in a coniferous forest north of Giant Forest called Wuksachi Village that will include lodgings, restaurants and shops.
In the late 1980s, Ketchum photographed the Tongass National Forest in Alaska, a wild land of mossdraped coniferous rainforest foggy fishing inlets and vast mountains shedding glaciers.
And in this same coniferous forest, a team of ecologists headed by Ernst-Detlef Schulze of West Germany's University of Bayreuth is unearthing new clues to the complex, synergistic web of agents responsible.
A more detailed coverage is provided at manufacturers' selling prices for coniferous timber, tropical & hardwood, railway sleepers, particle board, fibre board, plywood, veneer sheets, window frames, doors, floorcoverings and prefabricated buildings.
The hide, on United Utilities' Thirlmere estate in the Lake District, was earmarked as a red squirrel refuge thanks to its coniferous forests ( favoured by the reds ( and isolated valley location which is difficult for the invading greys to penetrate.
Woodland management is the other key factor in red squirrel survival, as they need a mixed habitat of good, broad-leaved and coniferous woodland.
Coniferous trees cannot follow suit, but for them fire creates a perfect seedbed.
The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has finalized the December 1999 interim rule detailing a certificate of heat treatment for coniferous solid wood packing materials (SWPM) used in exports to China.