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Synonyms for coney

black-spotted usually dusky-colored fish with reddish fins

any of several small ungulate mammals of Africa and Asia with rodent-like incisors and feet with hooflike toes

small short-eared burrowing mammal of rocky uplands of Asia and western North America

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THE REAL CRASH: HOW TO SAVE YOURSELF AND YOUR COUNTRY conies from a best-selling author and economist who offers a surprising solution to the nation's damaged economy: America needs to default and declare bankruptcy to fix it.
Planning and testing go a long way too, especially when it conies to the highly competitive world of e-commerce.
Pleaded guilty to trespassing on land in Morpeth and breaching the Game Act 1831 by being in pursuit of game, woodcocks, snipe, or conies on February 22.
This is where Rabbi Harvey conies in, but he does the last thing anyone would expect him to do.
Michelin isn't the only tire company looking into greener options when it conies to the development of tires.
It is not very often that a parking facility like this conies up.
The King conies across as a civilised, balanced and overwhelmingly decent man, miles apart from the fanatics and egomaniac rulers found so frequently in the region, both Jewish and Moslem.
Q: I notice that Ultimate Bone Support contains an ingredient called osteogene--which conies from hops.
So when the National Championship conies up for grabs each year it is a hotly contested affair.
The estimate, which includes both diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes, conies from a new statistical modeling of data from the 2000 Census and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Men, it appears, have feelings too, and they want many of the same things women do: products that can meet their "unique" needs, especially when it conies to their health.
When it conies to education, the entrenched bureaucracy has far too long succeeded In stymieing reform that would threaten their paychecks while falling to prepare their students to earn their own.
It conies amid a review across local authorities after failings led to the death of 'Baby P* in the London borough of Haringey.
The new owner will enjoy two double bedrooms and THREE bal - conies, each of which have breathtaking vistas across the rooftops of Manchester's urban skyline.
WHEN David Moyes conies round to writing his Christmas cards you can be sure referee Mark Clattenberg won't be getting one.