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a specialized fungal hypha that produces conidia

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A whitish, cotton-like material consisting of fungal hyphae and dusky black conidiophores, together with epithelial debris and exudates, is the hallmark of this condition.
cystidiosus also produced conidiophores bearing conidia at the apex (called synnemata or coremia by Miller [1969]) (Table 3, Fig.
At the same time the mould, which comprises spore-bearing growths called conidiophores, appears on the surface.
Furthermore, the conidiogenous loci in Passalora fuliginosa and Stenella diospyri are conspicuously thickened and pigmented, and the latter species is additionally distinguished by having verruculose superficial hyphae with solitary conidiophores.
Observations utilizing SEM indicated that, compared to wild type 74, cr-5 has a reduced mycelium containing clusters of conidia formed by highly branched conidiophores carried on short aerial hyphae.
Somewhat parallel mycelial accumulations beneath stomata were seen extending to form clusters of "basidium-like", spore-bearing, conidiophores that protrude through the opening of stomata.
Small round conidia were attached to short simple conidiophores, resembling lollipops.
The conidiophores contain septae (absent in wild type) an d many have abnormal developmental structures such as hyphae growing from metulae.
These insects had swollen abdomens, that angled away from the substrate; wings spread latero-dorsally and raised above the abdomen, and conspicuous masses of glutinous hyphae and conidiophores on the abdomen and thorax, similar to the wellknown fungus Entomophthora muscae (Cohn) Fres.