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a specialized fungal hypha that produces conidia

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Furthermore, conidiophores predominantly biverticillate with broom like structure having conidiabroadly ellipsoidal or subglobose, sporadically smooth, delicately roughened (Fig.
Conidiophores showed close packed sterigmata parallel to the longer axis and bottle-shaped heads, which justify the identification as Aspergillus fumigatus.
Samson (Hypocreales: Clavicipitaceae) based on symptomatology, spores, and conidiophores by Dr.
Isolated fungi were examined by using 10 x and 40 x magnifications on the microscope to identify hyphae, sporangia, sporangiophores, conidia, conidiophores and some other morphological characters including growth pattern, colony texture and growth rate of the colonies onPDA(Promputthaetal.
Conidiophores micronematous, mononematous, branched, or unbranched, straight or slightly flexuous, hyaline to olivaceous brown, smooth, narrow 2-3 pm thick, Conidiogenous cells clavate or broader 4-6 pm giving rise denticles 3 to many, cylindrical long, narrow toward tips 3-6 x 0.
The mold conidiated, and the lactophenol cotton blue preparation showed classic "lollipop sticks", or short, single, unbranched conidiophores with round-to-oval conidia (Figure 3B).
The conidia of isolate was dark brown and conidiophores were hyaline smooth.
Identification was made using morphological characteristics of the pathogens (colony characteristics, conidiophores, shape and septation of conidia and other structures) and comparison with appropriate literature.
Presence of septate hyphae and Aspergillus Filamentous colourless and rough conidiophores flavus mold with swollen vesicles.
Entomophaga grylli conidia were obtained from infected grasshopper cadavers collected from Charlo, MT in July Cadavers were stored in individual petri dishes and soaked with deionized water until conidiophores developed (MacLeod & Muller-Kogler 1973).
23) All the lesions displayed cytologic evidence of aspergillosis, confirmed by the presence of branching, septate hyphae, conidiophores, and spores, and were positive for Aspergillus species on culture.
The fungal isolates were identified based on their cultural characteristics and the structure of their conidiophores in microscopy using Lactophenol cotton blue staining technique.
Conidia and conidiophores were measured using an Olympus OSM-4 10x/13 ocular micrometer lens coupled to the microscope.
harzianum forms a colony with white mycelia, but it became green when forming conidia and conidiophores.