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an asexually produced fungal spore formed on a conidiophore


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Conidial number was adjusted to 3x104 spores /ml with the help of a haemocytometer (Neubauer Precidor HBG, Germany).
Avaliou - se a atividade antifungica de extratos de folhas e raizes de capim-annoni resistentes por inibiaco do crescimento micelial e inibiaco da germinaaco conidial.
15], demonstrated that powdery mildew thrives well at 16-28[degrees]C but temperature for conidial germination is 20-24[degrees]C.
2012), this wide variability can also occur from fusions by conidial anastomosis tubes (CAT), which provides the source of the pathogen variants.
Volumetric aerobiological survey of conidial fungi in the North-East Netherlands.
7) Organisms were sub cultured on Potato dextrose agar (PDA) at 30[degrees]C for 4 to 15 days to enhance conidial growth.
The conidial viability in the form of percent germination was checked periodically by inoculating the fungal conidia on SDAY plates under optimum conditions.
Conidial production (conidiogenesis) was estimated from 5 randomly selected colonies (n = 2 replicates x 5 repetitions) grown in PDA culture medium under the different treatment levels after ten days of incubation.
1,3) Inhalation of aerosolized conidial forms of the organism, hematogenous spread following organism transformation to a yeast after pulmonary infection (thick cell wall in yeast form confers resistance to phagocytosis), and direct skin infection following a traumatic inoculation event (exposure in moist wooded areas during outdoor activities, animal bites and scratches) are possible means of infection.
Persimmon 1960 Conidial (Diospyros suspension virginiana) trees in rangelands 2.