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an asexually produced fungal spore formed on a conidiophore


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Conidial germination of the fungal species grown on culture medium containing the different botanical insecticide concentrations was evaluated.
To infect the guinea pigs, the gauze part of an adhesive bandage was wetted with 500 [micro]l of the conidial suspension and then fixed onto the guinea pig's right hind feet with adhesive elastic tape.
In the second system (plants system with double hypocoltyl or split root system), the separation was spatial and temporal in the same time, when two days after transplanting, time judged necessary for tomato plants recuperation, one side of each split plant was watered with 10 ml conidial suspension (106 spores/ml) of antagonists and added to the media (a mixture of clay and sand) one week before the pathogen spores were added (Figure 01).
Field resistance of California strawberries to Verticillium dahliae at three conidial inoculum concentrations.
The conidial state of this lichen is also represented here where it is occasionally found on the lower trunks of Crataegus mollis (#1869, #1873, #1876) and Quercus rubra (#1878).
Diversity of phytopathogenic conidial fungi of protected nature territories in Ukraine: Study toward elaboration of conservation strategy
The insecticides, imidacloprid and thiamethoxam, do not reduce the viability, vegetative growth, conidial production, and germination of M.
Our study fits into this theme, it evaluates the effectiveness of a systemic fungicide newly introduced in Algeria "ARTEA" on one of the major diseases of leaves and spikes affecting the yield of durum wheat: Septoria, caused by Septoria tritici conidial shape by analyzing the effects (physiological and biochemical tests) it causes on durum wheat in the study of changes in photosynthesis, metabolism and organic nutrients especially water potential.
Dark septate fungi (DSF) are conidial or sterile fungi that have been reported in several plant species from different habitats (Jumpponen and Trappe, 1998; Jumpponen, 2001).
variotii control organism, UTHSC 90-450, were grown on PFA for 7 to 10 days at 25[degrees]C to induce conidial formation.
We inoculated petioles and stolons by misting with conidial suspensions (1 .