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an asexually produced fungal spore formed on a conidiophore


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LCF has proven economical to use, yielding blastospores or microsclerotia in 2-3 days versus 10-14 days for conidia using traditional solid-substrate culture methods, says Jackson.
After exposing the conidia to ESAM, one 150 qL aliquot was placed in the centers of Rodac[R] Petri dishes containing 5 mL of Difco[R] PDA culture medium plus 5 g [L.
The colonial morphology shapes and types of conidia produced by the mould were used to key out the identity of the individual fungi [14].
9,11,14) In many areas, human fungal keratitis occurrence is higher in the winter months and around the harvesting season, (11) which may be related to a drier environment and an increase in airborne conidia being released.
The topics include the influence of light on the biology of Trichoderma, asexual development from conidia to chlamydospores, metabolomic approaches to studying their interaction with plants, marine-derived Trichoderma as a source of new bioactive metabolites, and Trichoderma as a human pathogen.
This was most clearly seen on the zinc-polymeric coatings exposed to the industrial environment, where phialospores (conidia borne on phialides) of the formed conidia of Aspergillus fumigatus fungi were clearly seen.
Tiny air bubbles transform into landmasses that are surrounded by oceans of conidia swimming in lactophenol blue.
The ultra-structural changes of the hyphae and conidia after treatment were assessed using light microscopy, and both scanning and transmission electron microscopy.
Then comes secondary infection, a second kind of spore produced by the infected shoots, called conidia, that moves from blighted shoots to nearby flower blossoms.
It is also a select agent, since its hardy conidia could be easily spread as an aerosol in a bioterrorism event.
Study on tissue culture and rapid propagation of Pteris vittata Conidia.
nidulans strains carrying the nrtA mutations resulted in reduced net nitrate uptake up to 4-folds in conidia and young mycelial cells (8 h).
2] broth in which 5 loopfull cultures of mycelial conidia were added and shaken at 180 rpm at 30[degrees]C in an incubator shaker for 3-4 days.