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an asexually produced fungal spore formed on a conidiophore


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from other fungi in the same genus include the obvious vertical striation in their mature conidia (von Arx, 1974; Denman et al.
0, inoculum size 4x106 conidia and agitation rate 50 rev/min are presented (Fig 3.
Speciation was according to the microscopic picture of conidia.
LCF has proven economical to use, yielding blastospores or microsclerotia in 2-3 days versus 10-14 days for conidia using traditional solid-substrate culture methods, says Jackson.
Septate hyphae with branched coniodophores, flask shaped sterigmata and chains of round conidia giving Broom Stick appearance in 2 cases (suggestive of Penicillium spp.
The conidial viability in the form of percent germination was checked periodically by inoculating the fungal conidia on SDAY plates under optimum conditions.
9,11,14) In many areas, human fungal keratitis occurrence is higher in the winter months and around the harvesting season, (11) which may be related to a drier environment and an increase in airborne conidia being released.
Freshly prepared fungal suspension (100 ul of 1 x 106 conidia ml-1) was inoculated in the centre of plates using a micro applicator and was spread to cover the whole plate.
grylli conidia in the lab or through a natural epizootic that occurred throughout western MT from June-July 2010.
Tiny air bubbles transform into landmasses that are surrounded by oceans of conidia swimming in lactophenol blue.
The conidia were scratched with inoculating needle and the flasks were rotated gently to break the clumps of conidia (Yasinet al.
There are also differences among the isolates about color, and sporulation and conidia size.
Then comes secondary infection, a second kind of spore produced by the infected shoots, called conidia, that moves from blighted shoots to nearby flower blossoms.