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Synonyms for conic

(geometry) a curve generated by the intersection of a plane and a circular cone

relating to or resembling a cone

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For example, difference of the V-blocks angles equal to 0,02[degrees] causes appearance of virtual conicity deviation equal to 11,7 [micro]m (simulation was made for the nominal cylinder defined by following values: the radius: 20 mm and the height 100 mm).
The procedure must be followed to study the dynamic responses of the wheelset model with 6 degrees of freedom is achieved by selecting appropriate suspension parameters and wheel conicity and increasing the forward speed of the system to reach hunting critical velocity realized by limit cycle approach.
Of special significance for the work examination are conicity, roughness, the warmth influence zone, cut opening breadth and burr formation.
It can be assumed that the block was fixed with a metal pin, although there was no need for that because of the conicity of the block.
Further demands on the rotation mechanism are set by log conicity and ovality and sometimes by logs with stump flare.
Cresco, PA-based Conicity Technologies has developed Engineered MicroGeometry (EMG)--a technology that uses dense silicon-carbide filament brushes applied with computer numerical control (CNC).
Uniformity, balance and conicity of tires made with silica masterbatch were monitored over a production period of several months and were equivalent to the results from conventionally mixed stocks.