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Introduced in 1989 as a lighter, non-ferromagnetic, nonthrombogenic version of the Greenfield, this filter is made of titanium alloy and is also conically shaped with 6 radiating limbs (Figure 9B).
Leade is the portion of the barrel ahead of the chamber where the rifling has been conically removed to allow room for the seated bullet.
Her La Belle Rafaela of 1927 reposes on a slab, conically swingeing her mighty thighs and colossal knees: la bete humaine, as a critic of the time described one of Degas's naturalistic nudes.
In order to efficiently follow the motion of the machine, the telescopic spiral springs are conically wound with over 1500 diameter/length variations making up the range.
The conically shaped golden dough filled with fresh, succulent whole prawn is pre-fried.
A new spec sheet from container manufacturer Meese Orbitron Dunne Company profiles the company's conically designed hopper bottom intermediate bulk container (IBC), developed to promote the consistent flow and complete drainage of adhesives, inks, paint, coatings and other viscous products, according to the company.
The conically shaped high-thrust engine, the body of which employs lattice fins for high-speed control, was designed by Eads subsidiary Bayern-Chemie and built with regard to optimal momentum and aerodynamic stability.
The disorder is characterized by sparse thin hair, multiple congenitally missing teeth, abnormal conically shaped teeth, lack of sweat pores and nail abnormalities.
It arrived arranged conically like Mount Fuji, featuring daubs of tiny orange-hued fish eggs, clusters of burdock root, strands of bright green seaweed, thin strips of glistening white crunchy Daikon radish and, of course, generous dollops of the chile-spiced tuna.
The debris becomes deposited in the environment in a conically shaped pattern known as the scent trail.
A conically narrowing section, as traced in figure 7, for feeding, distribution and some cooling.
Blown film die product manager Peter Gates says these conically shaped sections fit atop one another much like a stack of PS foam cups.
The sizes of the coffee granuals are within a narrower size range and ideally, they are conically shaped .
In addition, other NASA instruments on the Global Hawk include a conically scanning Doppler radar that will observe the hurricane's wind and rainfall structure along with another radiometer system that will map precipitation features and measure the large thermal anomaly in the hurricane eye.