conic projection

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a map projection of the globe onto a cone with its point over one of the earth's poles

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Re-projection of a 1-m resolution aerial image between Albers Equal Area Conic projection and UTM projection (Zone 17) using geographic coordinates as an intermediate step.
Since the satellite orbit is generally oblique to the equator, a transformation at the equator is needed in order to use the static conformal conic projection formula expediently (Yang, Snyder, and Tobler 1999).
On the right side of the graphic is the map that results from the application of a conic projection.
The coordinates of the TAZ polygons are converted into the Albers Equal-Area (AEA) Conic Projection.
1 supports additional datum and projections, including the Albers Equal Area Conic projection.
Hence, we should expect that all polar aspect azimuthal projections, and perhaps all normal aspect conic projections, should have a similar spatial pattern of data loss and duplication, although the total amounts will vary widely among projections.