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Synonyms for conic

(geometry) a curve generated by the intersection of a plane and a circular cone

relating to or resembling a cone

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Accordingly, displacements near the ground track from nearby points might be well-approximated by displacements near the equator of an oblique conic projection (where the oblique equator is locally tangent to the ground track).
since what students had visually recognized as a particular conic did
Otto, 1989) The mixing pipe has two sections: the conic section and the cylindrical one.
5m) though an issue of unsecured convertible debentures to pay for the Conic acquisition and provide additional working capital for the enlarged group.
From (2) it follows that E = 0 and the eccentricity of the conic section is found to be (see Appendix 9)
Now as you move the point B, the movement of the circle is sampled along a conic locus.
Damac Properties introduced ''The Lofts" project following the success of 'The Heights', Jordan's first conic residential high rise and Damac's first project in Amman.
Five conic from Koester's ongoing; interest in the Thessalonian letters.
Hirano et al also reported that during vocal fold adduction, the larynx closes posteriorly at the supraglottis but not at the glottis, resulting in the creation of a conic space in the posterior glottis.
These regions--called focal conic domains--twist the reflected light to make it circularly polarized.
AaI always preferred my flat-chested Sindy doll Aato the conic and perfectly breasted Barbie.
2 we show the tension during unwinding from conic packages of different apex angles.
He followed the way opened by al-Hasan ibn Musa, particularly in his work on the measure of curved planes and solids, and on the properties of conic sections.
We have derived the expressions for the time dependence of the angular velocity of the balloon rotation around the package axis, of the unwinding velocity and the winding angle during the yarn unwinding from cylindrical and conic packages.