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Synonyms for conic

(geometry) a curve generated by the intersection of a plane and a circular cone

relating to or resembling a cone

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5] with deg(R [intersection] C) [greater than or equal to] 7 and no conic D [subset] [P.
The quantity c in this equation is the effective radius of the conic package at the current lift-off point.
Knowledge about conic sections is one of the key content topics of mathematics curriculum in secondary schools.
Now as you move the point B, the movement of the circle is sampled along a conic locus.
From (2) it follows that E = 0 and the eccentricity of the conic section is found to be (see Appendix 9)
Obtained diagrams of erosion dependence upon duration of the tests prove that erosion of conic and semispherical anodes is practically the same (Figure 3).
These units are daylight-viewable, conic in a variety of colors--including infrared--and use only 1 to 1.
locus with the corresponding conic (selecting five points of the locus
Local letter carrier Norris Conic is coordinating the food drive for the USPS in the Antelope Valley.
Unless the captive fronting community is repaired, its value will be compromised and it may conic under threat from regulators.
The next few years will tell the tale: Microsoft is famous for missing shipping dates, but eventually they conic through.
Although the company identified with that logo sold out a couple of years ago, the new operator has not yet repainted its fleet; so for the time being the languorous tall conic chimneys, the domes and the terraces of the Palacio National, that stretch into the sky and preside over the beautiful landscape of vines, exotic gardens and orange groves that once attracted Beckford and Byron, must share tourists' photographs with the hideous red, orange, white and blue livery of the brash British bus company 'Stagecoach'.
Students can graph conic sections, then determine and display their characteristics.
99 and get a free Mammoth Conic Fountain worth pounds 11.
is defined to be the conic polar of A with respect to f(x,y) = 0.