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Previous studies on organizational value congruity have found significant relationships between fit and employees' attitudes such as job satisfaction and organizational commitment (Boxx et al.
The personality trait "Sincerity" was the dominant factor in perceptions of image congruity between the team and the students (eigen value = 3.
Fortunately, both joint congruity and the joint space were preserved throughout the course, despite disturbance of growth at the femoral neck.
He currently serves, or has served, as an advisor or board member for several companies, many in the Pittsburgh-area, including: NFR, HobNob, Congruity Technologies, eBillingHub and Four River Software Systems.
The dynamics and specific advantages of each technology platform complement the other with near total congruity.
The board recognized the competitive value of agility and the heightened congruity between business strategy and operational performance," Stevens said.
Geographical contiguity and shared history, ethnic and linguistic affinities, and similar developmental challenges have not induced an inevitable congruity between our interests.
A panel of teachers, business partners and PTA representatives select the winning entries for creativity, adaptability to other classrooms, and congruity with established curriculum.
By contrast, visual modernity "insisted not only on its absolute break with tradition, but furthermore on its proximity to, if not congruity with, the 'real,' emphasizing its characteri stic of immediate intervention within its parameters.
This congruity of aim was because architects, developers and owner/tenants had things in common: wealth and the shared urban culture which flowed therefrom in days before the internal combustion engine.
We conducted a trial with Congruity and they brought to light several issues we were unaware of.
We are committed to mobilizing e-Business through Congruity Mobile Internet Solutions (CMIS), and Centura's solutions are critical to the success of our strategy," said Congruity CEO Dale Anderson.
Interested observers are Welcome to discover how mobile/wearable computers can be deployed in your business to build congruity among your valued customers.
By placing significant importance on congruity of a reshaped nose with a patient's distinct racial features, Dr.
The psychological instrument will assess the following criteria: nervousness, eye contact, decisiveness, emotional content, voice pitch, passion index, posture and body tension, animation, facial expression, internal hostility, rigidity, verbal and physical congruity, and defensive behavior.