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In addition to pinpointing the criticality of the supplier's perceived overlapping knowledge, its perceived cognitive congruence, and its trust as key enablers, this study highlights an important caveat that the effectiveness of buyer-driven knowledge transfer activities in influencing a supplier's operational performance may be hampered among suppliers that are highly innovative, due to their innovativeness's potential substitutive effect.
Thus, although there has been theory and some indirect research showing that sexual incongruence may be more common in religious individuals and may be related to negative consequences, no research has measured the construct of sexual congruence and tested these hypotheses directly.
When an organization lives within the cycle of congruence, the key elements of the cycle (purpose, culture and people) perpetually reinforce, refine, redirect and realign themselves to one another in a progressive and systematic way.
Any information that reduces the president's uncertainty about how the nominee might rule on future cases should therefore improve the congruence between the president and the appointee.
Application Congruence is an emerging online services company offering career services in North America, such as resume and cover letter writing for students, entry level/ experienced professionals as well as executives.
In this section, we give sufficient conditions on a congruence = to build a combinatorial quotient of a good Hopf algebra.
Given the importance of commitment for organizational effectiveness and the lack of research in the Indian context tracing the antecedents of organizational commitment in personal and organizational values and its congruence, it is aimed to examine the possible relationships between them.
Thus, true articular congruence can be over- or under-estimated by an analysis of bony anatomy.
This happens because the factors we would most expect to influence opinion-policy congruence, like institutions and political culture, are generally stable over relatively long periods.
The present study investigates selected indexes of career maturity (career decision-making process, congruence between espoused and tested career interest, extent of career choice certainty and extent of engagement in the career decision-making process) with respect to gender in the context of a mandated career development intervention.
studied the effects of congruence on news coverage of legislators; on
D]) [right arrow] D [disjunction] X = D [disjunction] Y, where X, Y in I(M)" is a congruence relation.
In essence, ter Doest and his colleagues demonstrated that in addition to discovering what the goals are, the congruence between goals and work characteristics impact well-being (Edwards, 1992; ter Doest et al.
This study extends the Clinton and Hunton (2001) findings that the degree of budgetary participation congruence (DPC) is associated with improved financial performance by testing the effects of DPC on managerial performance using a scale based on Mahoney et al.
This degree of fit, or congruence, is hypothesized to lead to better job fit, job satisfaction, and retention.