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the act of congregating

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The teenagers, believed to be aged between 14 and 15, were reported to be congregating around the perimeter fence of the helipad at the hospital, causing some issues when the helicopter came in to land.
Police would warn young people of the very obvious dangers in congregating close to railway tracks.
It is also an unsafe environment for people to be congregating in so we would advise youths to stay away.
We've seen a significant decrease in anti-social behaviour in the area and a reduction in the amount of young people congregating in the area.
We have a problem with some people congregating under the canopy, particularly following the smoking ban," said Mr Hardy.
The Mosquito alarm first hit the headlines in 2005 for using an annoying ultra-high tone, audible only to youngsters, to stop youths congregating outside shopping centres and other places.
Many residents congregating outside the church in the battle-scarred West Bank town concurred by expressing the hope the spirit of Christmas would shine brightly on Bethlehem after four years of conflict with Israel, since a Palestinian uprising began in September 2000.
The post office has hired New Jersey based pest elimination company Bell Environmental Services to install its revolutionary "Bell Strip," which uses a mild shock to discourage birds from congregating, to safely displace birds from the post office building.
Irmas Transitional Living Center previously had few options for congregating after school with other youths.
These white admiral butterflies are ingesting mineral salts from the area in which they are congregating.
To suggest that terns were already congregating on East Sand Island, biologists dotted it with models of the birds and patio speakers broadcasting recorded calls.
A test case decision in the High Court yesterday in a dispute over pigeon droppings means that landowners may now be liable in law for a nuisance caused by wildlife congregating on their land.
We discovered that people with Alzheimer's like congregating in one area - the "park benching" effect.
One rarely finds this much talent congregating at a single event," said Alan M.
Mark was brave enough to get some close-up shots of the bees, capturing them congregating in a mass on his garden fence.