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Synonyms for congregate

Synonyms for congregate

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come together, usually for a purpose

References in classic literature ?
To the Arcade there are two entrances, and with much to be sung in laudation of that which opens from the Strand I yet on the whole prefer the other as the more truly romantic, because it is there the tattered ones congregate, waiting to see the Davids emerge with the magic lamp.
So vast was the dome that there was a large space in the middle of the cave, in front of all these houses, where the creatures might congregate as in a great hall.
Cooler liquid congregates outside the cylinder, and warmer alloy gathers in the polar regions within the cylinder.
The researchers also speculate that two distinct kinds of dark matter may exist-one that congregates around individual members of a cluster of visible galaxies and another that gathers around the cluster as a whole.
Later, it congregates in a few structures that continue to undergo change in adulthood as a result of learning, such as the sea-horse-shaped hippocampus.