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And soon several hundred persons of all ages and sexes were congregated about the captain's dwelling.
Louis House--my first visit--a huge bar-room, where perhaps fifty men, mostly longshoremen, were congregated.
A hatless shouting man tore down through the people congregated on the stairs.
The startled servants were congregated in the library doorway.
And off she did go--if coaches be feminine--amidst a loud flourish from the guard's horn, and the calm approval of all the judges of coaches and coach-horses congregated at the Peacock, but more especially of the helpers, who stood, with the cloths over their arms, watching the coach till it disappeared, and then lounged admiringly stablewards, bestowing various gruff encomiums on the beauty of the turn-out.
Wherever these animals are congregated on the rocks, there the vultures may be seen.
I watched the comings and goings of a busy population congregated in the clean and wholesome new town, where plenty of trees had been planted.
All the pilgrims and the manager were then congregated on the awning-deck about the pilot-house, chattering at each other like a flock of excited magpies, and there was a scandalized murmur at my heartless promptitude.
Jos's Isidor went from his lodgings into the town, and to the gates of the hotels and lodging- houses round about the Parc, where the English were congregated, and there mingled with other valets, couriers, and lackeys, gathered such news as was abroad, and brought back bulletins for his master's information.
They congregated round me; the unstained snowy mountaintop, the glittering pinnacle, the pine woods, and ragged bare ravine, the eagle, soaring amidst the clouds-- they all gathered round me and bade me be at peace.
But, the turning of the road took him by the back of the booth, and at the back of the booth a number of children were congregated in a number of stealthy attitudes, striving to peep in at the hidden glories of the place.
They went a little apart from the knot of people who had congregated about the coach, and fell upon each other's neck, and sobbed, and wept with joy.
Then they all congregated into a ball and started to settle down.
Police say that groups have in the past congregated around the Heulaugh Park shops area.
The GSMA, the organiser of Mobile World Congress, was forced to close the main gates to the trade show on Wednesday 29 as thousands of student protesters congregated in Plaza Espanya, the area of Barcelona where the show is located.