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Synonyms for congregate

Synonyms for congregate

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come together, usually for a purpose

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Generations' products and services include specialized management of Assisted Living communities, Alzheimer's Care, Independent Living and other aspects of senior housing, including senior apartments and congregate senior housing aimed at market rate and low-income residents.
The purpose of Nutrition Consultation is to assist the Westmoreland County Area Agency on Aging and subcontracted catering company with meeting all State Department of Aging nutritional standards within the confines of the congregate and home-delivered meal programs (senior centers, satellites and adult day care).
Virginia has been a leader in reducing the number of children in congregate care and increasing family-based placements and permanent adoptions.
There are apartments above some of the downtown storefronts, and town officials indicated that some of the young people who congregate in the area apparently live in those apartments.
The order allows officers to disperse groups of two or more people who congregate in the area covered by the ban.
Females of the species called rattlebox moths sniff out each other's male-attracting pheromones and congregate, creating the pheromone-based equivalent of male frogs gathering in a pond to croak a mating chorus, say researchers.
Cambridge Realty Capital Companies has announced a new conventional funding program targeting multi-facility owners of congregate retirement apartments, multi-level retirement and assisted living facilities.
At the same time, European fans are asserting their right to congregate during the 2006 World Cup, even though they have no chance of buying their way in.
But they have made a plea to the youths who congregate in the area not to damage it.
Steven's Steakhouse in Commerce has salsa seven days a week--the best salseras and salseros congregate there on Sunday from 3:00 P.
They fear the arcade will encourage gangs of young people to congregate in the area until late at night and say it is wrong to site a gaming centre so close to homes and a primary school.
Flash mobbers forward e-mail instructions for people to congregate at a designated spot at a specified time to perform a short whimsical act--such as a quick snooze or a 15-second clapping session.
We all know expensively refurbished public spaces which fail to attract the public, as well as overcrowded marginal corners where crowds always congregate.
For members of the American Medical Athletic Association, the journey to Hopkinton is only slightly different than the trip taken by 15,000 runners who congregate in Boston on the third Monday of April for the running of the world's oldest marathon.
Manatees die from cold stress if water temperatures fail below 68 degrees Fahrenheit, so in winter they congregate by the hundreds to bask in the warm outflows from electric plants.