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a member of a congregation (especially that of a church or synagogue)

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The companion Church Now mobile app is available free through the App Store and Google Play, and allows congregants to access church announcements and an online giving portal, submit prayer requests, RSVP to events and watch live sermons--all from their mobile device.
We have an extremely diverse group of congregants and offer an intimate and inclusive spiritual experience.
They also arise from the fact that he is a participant in and observer of the continuous dialogue between rank and file congregants and clergy, as well as among congregations and various denominations of faith.
Barrett addressed congregants, urging them to support him as they did President Barack Obama in 2008.
Garvey said he expects about 30 of the church's congregants to initially meet for services in Auburn on Saturday nights.
THE AWARD-WINNING environmental ministry of Haygood United Methodist Church in Atlanta got started in 2007, when the climate gave congregant and stay-at-home mom Willa Paton-Smith a wake-up call.
For example, a congregation might not give enough space for congregants to experience and express the emotional and bodily dimensions of the Christian faith, instead overemphasizing the cognitive dimensions.
Tear gas filtered across the congregants during prayers.
In exploring the roles of the city council and the clergy, Kevorkian demonstrates not only their expectations and duties, but also how their roles made them reliant on and accountable to congregants.
Temple Beth Ami shares responsibility for the menorah with the homeowners group, and its congregants take turns lighting the electric candles during the eight-day holiday.
After noticing that fewer congregants in his 1,100-member church brought cash on Sunday, Baker teamed up with a church member who is a computer programmer to develop his "giving kiosk," an ATM-like machine that allows worshipers to donate electronically.
There in church he pulls out the gun, and congregants scream and faint.
The baskets were paid for through donations from congregants of B'nai Israel, a synagogue in Milburn, New Jersey.
Meeks was preaching to his last wave of congregants at Salem Baptist Church in Chicago's Roseland community when, in the middle of his sermon, shots rang out and police cars raced past.