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black tea grown in China

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There are three major Black Congou producing areas in Fujian: Min Dong, Fuding and Zheng He.
Traditionally known as "Fujian Red," Panyang Congou Black has a history highlighted by numerous awards.
Today the processing steps for Panyang Congou remain largely unchanged: withering (3-4 hours), light bruising, oxidation (3-4 hours), slow drying, sieve sorting, re-firing.
Festive Cheer Tea Set featuring a distinctive Yixing teapot and fragrant Mango, Lychee and Rose Congou teas, from Water and Leaves.
Black tea: has the main varieties: Congou black tea, divided into nine main origins, black broken tea, with the standard grades for leaf (FOP, OP, P), broken, etc.
Other teas on our list include Japan Original Genmaicha, Formosa Superior Oolong, China Oolong Ti Kuan Yin, Darjeeling Summer Flush, Royal China Keemun Congou, China Golden Yunnan, Classic Strong English, Assam Summer Flush, China White Monkey, China Finest Jasmine, China Supreme Rose, Traditional Earl Grey, and Japan Roasted Houjicha.
Then there is high grown aromatic "pointy" flavory teas from Ceylon; full bodied Yunnans from above the Myanmar (Burma) border in China; mild mannered Keemun Congou black teas; strong, malty, 2nd flush Assam teas from Northeast India; and the fugitive flavored champagne colored teas from Formosa.
Fujian black teas include Congou tea, Lapsang Souchong, and broken black tea.
These include the following: a number of jasmine teas scented with the fragrance of jasmine flowers and offered both with and without the dried jasmine flowers mixed into the tea; rose congou, scented with rose blossoms and also offered both with and without the beautiful dark to light red rose petals; lichee congou with the typical sweet taste and smell of the lichee fruit; and Lapsang Souchong, with its fragrance of smoke that is imparted from selected woods during the withering and firing of the tea leaves.
Black teas include congou or leaf tea for bulk exports, and broken graded teas to meet foreign demand for teabags.
Our business range includes Black Tea, Green Tea, Scented Tea, Oolong Tea, White Tea, Pu-Erh Tea, Beeng Cha, Tou Cha, Kooloo Tea, Lichee Black Tea, Rose Congou, The Well-Known Tea,"Changbai Mt.
He points with personal enthusiasm to the Uva Highlands BOP, Fannlngs Saint James and Kenilworth OP among the Ceylands, to the White Downy, Tit Kuan Yin, Szechwan Congou, Special Gunpower and Jazmin Chung Hao in the Chinas, to the Sencha Arlake from Japan.
Tea exported to Poland and the USSR is mainly traditional Chinese black, known as congou (gongfu), to Morocco, Tunisia, France and Japan green, to the U.