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assume a globular shape


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We propose that the designation "very severe" be reserved for cystic and conglobate acne," Dr.
The patent offers once-weekly oral administration of selective inhibitors of type 1 and/or type 2 isoforms of steroid 5a-reductase, to patients with nodulocystic and conglobate acne vulgaris.
As it follows from the mathematic theory of elasticity [14], if two conglobate bodies of the same size, made from the same material, are pressed to each other with force [F.
The patent is named 'Method and Composition for Treating Nodulocystic and Conglobate Acne Vulgaris and the company added that it aims to commence a Phase II double blind clinical trial of its once-weekly therapy in 2014.
Global and South African guidelines for the use of systemic isotretinoin are: grade IV (nodulocystic or conglobate acne); scarring acne; lesser grades of acne not responsive to at least 3 months of oral antibiotics combined with a topical retinoid, or at least 4 cycles of hormonal therapy in females; dysmorphophobic patients; and Gram-negative folliculitis.