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Synonyms for congestion

Synonyms for congestion

excessive accumulation of blood or other fluid in a body part

excessive crowding

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The improvements to public transport have been matched by a dramatic increase in passenger numbers, many returning to bus and rail services after years of making most of their trips by car - which has helped reduce congestion in the capital.
With congestion worsening in large urban areas nation-wide and forecasts of significant increases in the number of cars taking to the roads, similar schemes will be introduced throughout the UK.
Murray Grant, head of transport authority Merseytravel's local transport support unit, added: 'While congestion is growing in Merseyside it is not yet a problem.
The best estimates of virtually all important external costs--air pollution, noise, accidents, congestion, and oil importing--vary by about an order of magnitude," he wrote in the spring 2000 issue of Access magazine.
The infused flowers make a delicious tea that is mildly sedative and helps relieve chest congestion and fever.
Packet loss can put TCP into Slow Start and congestion avoidance modes, which can severely reduce performance of the TCP connection.
72% of central city officials consider traffic congestion either a major (33%) or moderate (39%) problem in their city.
Despite predictions of disaster, London's congestion charge has been a tremendous success," said FOE U.
One of the proposals may include the introduction of a congestion charge similar to the pilot scheme being run in London.
Key words: cellular automata; collective dynamics; complex system; congestion control; emergence; communication networks; long-range dependence; modeling and simulation; network traffic.
It's not surprising, then, that the Highway Users Alliance sees the solution to America's congestion problem as building more roads.
Nasal congestion causes nasal obstruction, but not all nasal obstruction is caused by congestion.
By better understanding traffic flow, researchers hope to keep down highway congestion
Although we don't usually think of the common cold as a disease, and the use of nasal sprays to relieve congestion is never a cure, the congestion can indeed be worsened by the treatment used to relieve it.