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Synonyms for congestion

Synonyms for congestion

excessive accumulation of blood or other fluid in a body part

excessive crowding

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Managing congestion within this uncertainty requires leadership from park management and expertise from planners and social scientists, along with patience and understanding from visitors and park partners.
To guarantee a high-quality multimedia streaming service over a multipath environment, a new multipath congestion control scheme is required that allows each subflow to quickly increase the transmission rate while preventing packet losses.
Data from the QTR has revealed a number of key insights about mobility in Qatar such as the congestion levels in peak hours, the most congested areas in the country and the months when the country had the most traffic congestion among others.
Reliable communication and congestion control are two major functions of TCP.
This proves beyond doubt that there is no more congestion at the Manila International Container ports, thus the charge no longer needs to be implemented," he said.
Congestion index: It is computed by using the formula (C--C0) / C0 where C is the total travel time and C0 is the free flow time.
As we expand our global footprint we continue to focus on creating easy-to-use solutions to ease the global traffic congestion problem, said Ralf-Peter Schaefer, Head of Traffic at TomTom.
Nick Cohn, a traffic congestion expert at TomTom who conducted the analysis, told CNBC: "We thought it was interesting that Istanbul came top of the list as the city is new to our analysis.
TomTom claims that its Congestion Index is the world's most accurate barometer of congestion in urban areas.
This Urban Mobility Report begins an exciting new era for comprehensive national congestion measurement," said researcher Tim Lomax.
We're offering consumers two new solutions this season: new Advil Congestion Relief that tackles the real cause of their congestion--swelling due to nasal inflammation--and personal Black Friday 'Decongesters' to provide 100 lucky winners with literal relief from congested malls.
The CBI and Freight Transport Association said it broadly supported introducing charges but insisted that any new charges should be aimed at cutting congestion rather than simply raising extra tax revenue.
The CBI and Freight Transport Association said any new charges should be aimed at cutting congestion rather than simply raising extra tax revenue.
Congestion does not appear in the definition of external costs, unlike air pollution and noise pollution, but one article suggests that the charges for external costs can include congestion.
The amended directive is meant to allow countries to set up road charging systems to make trucks pay the costs of air pollution, noise and traffic congestion.