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large dark-colored scaleless marine eel found in temperate and tropical coastal waters

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He beached a conger and a cod with a total weight of 2.
Conger eels are very common off the coast of South and West Wales.
A scientist's draft report showed stocks were being hit by hungry seals - but the final edited version claimed the damage was being caused by "large predators or conger eels".
Vic Evans, holder of the World, European and British conger eel records, is convinced that there are 10ft long, 200 lb-plus specimens waiting to be caught in the English Channel.
RAY Starling took first prize in the Penarth SAC competition when he fished at Lavernock and reeled in two conger eels and a cod with a total weight of 8lb 14oz.
Mark Bennett, 35, a building worker from nearby Neyland, scored a personal best of 24lb 8oz in a midnight conger session, baiting with mackerel and squid.
In addition to the sale, the company has closed its Congers, New York production facility, which housed the aerosol packaging line.
The 13lb 2oz conger he caught near the outfall brought him the PS600 first prize put up by Admiral Insurance along with PS123 pool money and 20 Garry Evans Seamaster points.
Big congers are bustin' out all over in sun-warmed offshore feeding grounds.
Wizard Entertainment in Congers, New York publishes the top-selling, award-winning monthly special interest magazines Wizard: The Comics Magazine, ToyFare: The Toy Magazine and InQuest Gamer: The Gaming Magazine, which are available at newsstands, comic book and hobby specialty stores everywhere.
Craig Maddox reeled in two much smaller congers and a whiting for 1.
His 8-footer is one of the biggest congers taken offshore anywhere in the last two seasons.
Also on the pier was runner up Adrian Collins who earned second prize by catching a 5lb 9oz conger and then it was near the outfall for the next two weights, Billy Niblett's two congers weighing 2lb 11oz and the 2lb 6oz conger caught by Adam Farmer.
Andrew Withey, from Bridgend, also fishes for Team Sakuma and was runner up for the Seamaster title and received a PS150 voucher with two congers and a dogfish weighing 7.