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large dark-colored scaleless marine eel found in temperate and tropical coastal waters

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Three dogfish, two congers a bull huss and a rockling gave him a total weight of 11.
Congers are slow in maturing, usually taking about 15 years before they are ready to breed, then they can migrate great distances before spawning in very deep waters, typically more than 9,000 feet.
WHOPPING conger eels are frightening in appearance but not usually aggressive unless provoked.
CONGER eels have been blamed for diminishing Irish fish stocks.
to the Congers property, which Sony had recently vacated.
Now the hunt is on to break the record and proof that there are bigger congers came earlier this month when a 160-pounder was caught by a Cornish trawler, 12 miles off Falmouth Bay.
72kg; Roy Tapper, fishing for South Wales Matchmen, pocketed PS30 for two congers and a silver eel weighing 4.
HOBBS Point, in Pembroke's busy dock, is the local hotspot for conger eels, skate and other fighting heavyweights.
Business; Congers, New York Manufacturing Facility is Closed
Keith Skipper, from Cardiff, was runner-up with two congers, four silver eels and 3.
Big congers are bustin' out all over in sun-warmed offshore feeding grounds.
Wizard Entertainment in Congers, New York publishes the top-selling, award-winning monthly special interest magazines Wizard: The Comics Magazine, ToyFare: The Toy Magazine and InQuest Gamer: The Gaming Magazine, which are available at newsstands, comic book and hobby specialty stores everywhere.
17kg; Runner up Paul Yates caught one ray and two congers for 6.
His 8-footer is one of the biggest congers taken offshore anywhere in the last two seasons.
Mike Mather, from Cardiff, always does well in the big fixtures and is one of the most consistent anglers in the history of the Seamaster and this time he put three congers on the beach to put 5.