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large dark-colored scaleless marine eel found in temperate and tropical coastal waters

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But conger eels have been my real passion," said Vic, who holds three gold medals from the British Conger Club for catching specimens of more than 75lb.
has caught conger eels, bass, tope, some mackerel for bait (and his mum's dinner), herring .
Yet on this prestigious occasion,anglers will find themselves scratching around for dogfish, flatties,gurnard and conger eels.
He caught two conger eels and was rewarded with the PS200 second prize, PS110 pool money and 19 Seamaster points.
This time last year one sea angler taking part in the competition unhooked and returned a conger eel - throwing away the pounds 1000 cash - because he thought the prize was for the biggest cod.
THE world's biggest conger eel caught by rod and line scaled 133lb 4oz, tamed off Brixham, Devon in 1995 by an angler out in his own boat.
In 1995, Bell became notorious among Scots divers when he made bizarre claims about the seven foot conger eel that nearly killed him in Loch Long.
He fished on the pier and caught a 6lb 15oz conger eel.
Using a 8/0 running leger rig baited with two squid Francis captured a 25lb 8oz conger eel, certainly enjoying his first ever trip.
It landed him his first ever conger eel and also this beautiful 14lb undulate ray.
A DIVER has told of his horror ordeal after a two-metre Conger Eel took a chunk out of his face.
Andrews Aquarium, says the animal is most likely an oarfish or Conger eel.
They are renowned for their fighting power when hooked on rod and line and anglers are aware of the teeth and ferocious bite of the conger eel.
He was not sure whether it was a freshwater or a conger eel.
The only disappointment was that no-one caught a conger eel.