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large dark-colored scaleless marine eel found in temperate and tropical coastal waters

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Like if they have a child that needs a car, they're thinking much more carefully about what gas mileage is going to be like on the car," Conger said.
In Little League, Conger led Huntington Beach to the regional finals, hitting 33 home runs in 38 games as a 12-year old.
Bob's personal best is the biggest conger reported to The SP since Suzy Martin's headline 90lb 8oz monster, caught off Newhaven, Sussex, last December.
90kg was one and it was also a single conger for Anthony Ahearns in third place with 1.
Young widows, say under 55, and divorcees have different needs," Conger said.
Her prizes included a special award from Shakespeare of their Ugly Stik conger boat rod, fresh from the production line.
Conger won pounds 62,500 of prizes on the show including the holiday, a pounds 22,000 ring and a four-wheel drive vehicle.
Coupled with the momentum of the Conger Field acquisition completed in December, we are well-positioned to have a superb year, both operationally and financially.
The Penygraig angler was at Sully Island and added a small conger to finish in second place with 14lb 1oz.
HOBBS Point, in Pembroke's busy dock, is the local hotspot for conger eels, skate and other fighting heavyweights.
The Eel world: The British Conger Club (http://www.
But Alan Murdoch's haul of two conger, three pollack, a codling, a ballan wrasse and a pouting in the Drumclyde Open was topped by Derek Dolan's single conger of 6.
Robert Conger, CEO of MRI of America, said, "We are pleased to be the first within the city of Phoenix to offer Position Imaging(TM) MRI (pMRI(TM)), which allows patients to be scanned in their positions of pain, in a non-claustrophobic and patient-friendly environment.
The 13lb 2oz conger he caught near the outfall brought him the PS600 first prize put up by Admiral Insurance along with PS123 pool money and 20 Garry Evans Seamaster points.
Nigel's conger is the eel thing CONGER eels around the 5lb mark are dismissed as "bootlaces" in Devon and Cornwall's lush fishing grounds.